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Packing Tips

Local Movers Share How to Safely Move Breakable Items

Moving can be a massive undertaking and take weeks, or even months to prepare for. Thankfully, Edmonton local movers exist to help you with moving in numerous ways. From setting up your pre-moving plan to partial or full-service packing, we can help you ease [...]

The Best Way to Pack Your Wardrobe for Moving

If you’re one of the people planning an upcoming move and wondering, “how do I pack a wardrobe,” worry not, you’re not alone. Our Calgary packers and movers are frequently asked about the best way to pack a closet effectively and efficiently. Preparing your [...]

How to Safely Pack China and Glassware for Moving and Storage

Packing china and other fragile items for moving can be stressful. With happy memories of using the china on special occasions and treating each piece with extreme care, you want to ensure you pack each piece safely. Your china is not travelling a [...]

Tips on Packing Books by Matco’s Calgary Movers

They’re small, portable, and usually don't have any fancy technology built into them, but the books in your library can still be one of the more challenging parts of your move. Without a little organization and planning, packing books can easily become the [...]

Matco House Movers Share How to Pack Up Your Liquor Cabinet

Packing up your liquor cabinet is a delicate task that requires precision and careful attention to detail (not to mention willpower, we know that 18-year scotch is tempting). Your bottles of wine and liquor can be extremely expensive, so it’s important that you [...]

Office Movers Share the Most Efficient Ways to Pack Your Office

You’ve booked your office move, and moving day is quickly approaching. If you’ve been wondering what the best way is to approach packing, don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll cover the most efficient ways to prepare for your upcoming office move. Preparing Your Office [...]

How to Pack Up and Move Your Child’s Room

Packing up your children’s belongings can be a difficult process that takes up a lot of your time and attention. With so much going on, it’s difficult to decide what will be brought to the new home and what won’t. Fortunately, at Matco [...]

Items You Should Not Pack When You Move

Moving can elicit different emotions among people depending on the reason for moving. In general, however, most people will admit that moving can be very stressful. Your best chance to minimize the stress and make sure the move is smooth is to hire [...]