How to Safely Pack China and Glassware for Moving

Packing china and other fragile items for moving can be stressful. With happy memories of using the china on special occasions and treating each piece with extreme care, you want to ensure you pack each piece safely.

Your china is not travelling a few feet from the kitchen to the holiday dinner table; your china is embarking on a home move, potentially travelling hundreds or thousands of kilometres. Whether your fine china is a family heirloom passed down from your great-grandmother or is in the first generation, it is now your turn to keep it safe. Don’t be intimidated; as long as you have the right packing supplies and follow these steps, your china is sure to arrive at your new home safe and sound.

If you would rather not risk packing your fragile items alone, Edmonton moving and storage companies are happy to safely and securely pack your pieces to make them move-ready! Professional movers are trained in the best techniques to keep your fragile items safe, and you can rest peacefully knowing that your precious heirlooms are in the best hands.

Packing Supplies to Keep Your China Safe During Your Move

As with any move, there are a few key items to keep on hand for packing.

Packing Tape:

Used to secure boxes and wrapping in place.

Bubble Wrap, Packing Peanuts And Packing Paper:

Used to insulate china and breakables to reduce the chance of breaking or cracks. For more expensive finery, use higher-density materials to better absorb shocks and falls. It’s best practice to avoid newspapers as they can smudge china.

Dish Pack Boxes:

Specialty china cartons or dish boxes are designed to be extra thick, helping absorb impact to keep your breakables safe.


Keep a few thick black markers handy to mark boxes. Make sure to clearly label your china boxes “FRAGILE”, and use directional arrows to identify the top of the box.

Packing China Plates for Moving

All pieces of china are not made equally and should therefore be wrapped accordingly. Pay special attention to particularly fine or delicate pieces. When in doubt, hire Edmonton moving and storage experts to ensure your items are protected during your move.

The proper procedure for packing china plates for moving is as follows:

  1. Use packing paper or packing peanuts to layer the bottom of a dish box to create a cushion. Remember, now is not the time to conserve materials, you want a solid and protective layer.
  2. Wrap each plate individually and then bundle in threes (no more than four) with a layer of bubble wrap in between each plate.
  3. Place each bundle sideways in the box. Never lay plates flat; they are stronger standing up.
  4. Place packing paper or peanuts between each layer and fill in any gaps. Make sure there is no room for the plates to move around. When the box is fully packed, stuff any remaining gaps, so nothing has room to move after closing the box.
  5. Seal the box with packing tape. Tape down the middle and across the side edges.
  6. Mark the box “Fragile China” on each side.

Packing China Cups and Glassware

The best way to wrap china cups and glassware is as follows:

  1. Wrap each piece of glassware or china cup with bubble wrap or packing paper. Fill the inside of the cups with packing as well to reduce the chance of crushing.
  2. Prepare the box by placing packing peanuts or paper at the bottom, creating a thick cushion.
  3. Unlike plates, glassware and china cups should be placed on their bottoms as if you were serving them on the table.
  4. After placing a layer of cups, fill the gaps with packing peanuts and top with a piece of cardboard. Add packing paper on top of the cardboard and down the sides of the box, and in any gaps. Continue until the box is full.
  5. Seal the box securely with packing tape and mark the box as “Fragile china/glassware”.

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