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Warehouse & Logistics Services

Matco Moving Solutions provides comprehensive warehousing and logistics services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our warehouse facilities offer ample storage space for your inventory, ensuring security and accessibility at all times. Our inventory management system optimizes space utilization and streamlines operations for optimal efficiency. Whether you require pick-n-pack services for individual orders or final mile delivery solutions, Matco’s warehousing and logistics team has you covered.


Warehousing Solutions For Businesses

Discover Matco’s comprehensive warehousing and logistics solutions. Whether you’re a local construction company seeking temporary storage for your inventory or an e-commerce brand in need of efficient final-mile delivery services, we’ve got you covered. With a vast warehouse network comprising over 150,000 sq. ft of storage space spanning 6 strategically positioned facilities in Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon, we ensure unparalleled convenience and accessibility for your business operations.

Sq Ft of Warehouse Space
Warehouse Facilities

Matco’s Warehouse & Logistics Services

Matco’s Warehousing and Logistics services provide storage and delivery solutions tailored to customers seeking final-mile delivery and warehousing solutions. Our portfolio of services includes warehouse space, storage, inventory management pick n pack, final mile delivery and home delivery.


Matco provides flexible cross-docking services, offering a convenient and secure space to unload and reload shipments for onward delivery or storage purposes.

Product Storage

Looking for warehouse space for your inventory? Matco offers clients temporary warehouse space for products and materials of all sizes.

Inventory Management

Matco’s inventory management services optimize inventory tracking and organization, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Pick N Pack

Matco’s pick n pack service offers warehousing clients the flexibility to request individual items from inventory and pack them to their specifications. 

Final Mile

Efficiently transport your items from our warehouse to end customers or specified locations, ensuring timely and accurate delivery every time.

Home Delivery 

Matco’s convenient home delivery service involves receiving your products, storing them in our secure facilities and delivering them directly to your customer’s home. 


Optimize Your Operations With Matco’s Final Mile Delivery Service

Are you a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer seeking a reliable final mile delivery partner? Look no further than Matco. We specialize in delivering oversized, bulky, and large products directly to local retail locations, residential homes, or any other destination where your customers are located. With secure warehouse facilities spread across Alberta, the Northwest Territories, and Yukon, brands can enhance their delivery capabilities and improve their customer experience.


Our Process in 4 Simple Steps

STEP 1:  Product Arrival 

When your product arrives at one of our warehouse facilities, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of the shipment ensuring the packing slip matches what we received. At this time we’ll also inspect the shipping container (boxes, skids etc) for any damage and provide you with a warehouse receiving report.

STEP 2:  Adding Your Shipment To Inventory

Once your shipment has arrived at our warehouse, our team will input your product into our inventory system and label the shipment accordingly.

STEP 3: Storage

Once your shipment has been reconciled and added to our inventory system, we will store your shipment in our secure temperature-controlled warehouse and update its location in our inventory system.

STEP 4: Pick N Pack & Delivery 

When you require items from inventory to be delivered simply schedule your request and our team will pick n pack your shipment and deliver it accordingly.


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