Packing & Crating


Packing & Crating Services

Packing and crating services designed for a safe and secure moving experience.

Moving is a big task, but with Matco’s expert packing and crating solutions, we ensure a smooth and worry-free transition for your belongings. Our experienced team utilizes top-notch methods to pack and crate items of various sizes and fragilities, ranging from delicate antiques to large furniture pieces. Whether you’re moving locally or a long distance, trust Matco to handle your possessions with care and precision.

Custom Packing Services

Choose from one of Matco’s customizable packing services that best suits your needs. From our premium full packing service to partial and breakables only, you can be confident that your belongings are safe when packed by our professional packers.

Full Packing

Matco’s premium packing service includes packing all your belongings in your home. We’ll also supply all the boxes and materials.

Partial Packing

Matco’s partial packing service involves packing only the items you need professionally packed.

Breakables Only

Matco’s Breakables Only packing service is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll pack breakables like glass, artwork, tvs and other fragile items.


Peace Of Mind For Your Cherished Belongings

When it comes to moving your belongings it’s important to ensure your belongings are protected and secure during transport. With Matco’s professional packing services, customers can rest assured that their cherished items are meticulously packed, using high-quality materials, and safeguarded with industry-standard packing methods.

Professional Packing Benefits
  • Save time

  • Reduce moving related stress

  • Protect your belongings

  • Efficient use of space

  • Quality materials

Custom Crating Services

Matco provides custom crating services for items that require extra care and protection. Whether you’re moving delicate artwork, glass or other fragile items, our team will measure the items that require crating and build custom wooden crates to ensure the items are secure for your move.

Artwork Crating

Matco’s Artwork Crating Service provides solutions for securely packaging and transporting valuable artwork, ensuring utmost protection and care during transit.

Glass Crating

Matco’s Glass Crating Service offers specialized packaging solutions tailored to safely transport fragile glass items, guaranteeing secure handling and protection throughout the shipping process.

Fragile Items 

Matco’s Fragile Items Crating Service delivers customized packaging solutions designed to safeguard delicate items during transportation, prioritizing meticulous care and protection.


Advanced Furniture Assembly And Disassembly Services

Matco’s movers have extensive experience in moving and disassembling intricate items such as gym equipment, bunk beds, wardrobes, and more. These complex items are handled with utmost care to ensure safe and efficient disassembly, mitigating the risk of damage. Once delivered, our skilled team meticulously reassembles these items at your new location, minimizing the likelihood of assembly errors or missing components.