Moving to a new home is always a significant endeavour, and choosing the right neighbourhood in Calgary can be challenging, yet it’s a decision of utmost importance. The right neighbourhood can drastically enhance your living experience, offering you the convenience, safety, and lifestyle you desire. This is especially true when considering a move to Calgary’s vibrant city. This blog aims to guide you through this pivotal process, providing insights and tips on choosing the right neighbourhood in Calgary to meet your unique needs. Calgary offers many options, whether you’re a young professional seeking the hustle and bustle of city life or a family looking for a serene, child-friendly environment. Let’s embark on this journey together, helping you make an informed choice that will shape your future in this energetic city.

Understanding Calgary’s Geography and Demographics

Calgary is strategically nestled in the eastern portion of the Alberta province, flanked by the picturesque Rocky Mountains to the west and sprawling prairies to the east. The city follows a quadrant system, divided into four primary sections: Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE), and Southwest (SW). Each of these quadrants contains distinct neighbourhoods with their unique charm and character.

Varied as its topography, Calgary’s demographics are equally diverse. The city is home to over 1.4 million people, showcasing a blend of different cultures, ethnicities, and age groups. As per the latest census in 2021, a large age group in Calgary is between 25 and 39, indicating a young and dynamic populace. The city has also seen a steady influx of immigrants in recent years, adding to its cultural diversity.

Understanding these demographic trends is crucial for potential residents. A younger population signals an energetic, vibrant city life. The multicultural aspect implies a rich blend of traditions, cuisines, and festivals, making Calgary a culturally enriching place. Consider these factors while choosing the right neighbourhood in Calgary, ensuring it aligns with your lifestyle and requirements.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Neighbourhood in Calgary

  1. Proximity to Work and School: A critical factor to consider when choosing a neighbourhood is the proximity to your place of work or educational institutions. A short, hassle-free commute can significantly improve your quality of life, reducing stress and freeing up precious time for other activities. Calgary’s public transportation system is comprehensive, but living close to work or school can still offer unrivalled convenience.
  2. Amenities and Lifestyle: The availability of local amenities heavily influences the quality of life in a neighbourhood. Consider if the area has access to essential services like grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres. Additionally, recreational facilities such as parks, sports centres, and cultural venues can enrich your lifestyle, providing opportunities for relaxation and socialization. Each neighbourhood in Calgary offers a unique mix of amenities matching different lifestyles.
  3. Safety and Community Feel: A neighbourhood’s sense of safety and the community feel should be noticed. Information about local crime rates is readily available online and can be useful in your research. Also, neighbourhoods with active community associations often host events and initiatives fostering a sense of togetherness and community spirit.
  4. Affordability: Finally, affordability is paramount. Housing prices and the cost of living can vary drastically across Calgary’s neighbourhoods. Thoroughly assess your financial situation and housing budget before deciding on a specific area. Consider not only the cost of the home but also property taxes, insurance, and any homeowners association fees. Understanding the full financial implications of living in a particular neighbourhood will ensure you make a sustainable choice.

Top Calgary Neighbourhoods for Different Lifestyles


For families, particularly those with children, the suburban neighbourhoods of Southeast Calgary stand out. Mahogany and Auburn Bay are family-centric communities with excellent schools, numerous parks, and many community activities. Mahogany, known for its lake, offers a unique aquatic experience for families alongside its vibrant shopping district. Auburn Bay, another lakeside community, presents a kid-friendly environment with top-rated schools and various recreational options, ensuring a wholesome childhood for your little ones.

Other family-friendly neighbourhoods:

  • Cranston: Located in the SE quadrant, Cranston is a family-friendly community with great schools, a community centre and a wealth of recreational opportunities. Its prime location allows for spectacular Rocky Mountains and Bow River Valley views.
  • Tuscany: Situated in the NW quadrant, Tuscany is a highly sought-after neighbourhood for families due to its tranquil environment, excellent schools, and proximity to outdoor recreational spots like the Tuscany Ravine and Twelve Mile Coulee.
  • Aspen Woods: A high-end SW community, Aspen Woods is renowned for its top-rated schools. It offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and closeness to nature, making it an attractive choice for families.
  • Silver Springs: This NW neighbourhood offers families access to many outdoor activities with its numerous parks and proximity to the Bow River. Schools in the area are reputed, and the community is known for its friendly vibe.
  • Lake Bonavista: A SE community built around a man-made lake, Lake Bonavista offers a resort-like living experience. It’s popular among families for its recreational facilities, schools, and safe environment.
  • Signal Hill: Located in the SW quadrant, Signal Hill boasts high-ranking schools, a variety of shopping options, and easy access to downtown. Its family-friendly amenities and active community association make it a top family choice.
  • Altadore: Nestled in the SW quadrant, Altadore is a highly desirable neighbourhood for families. Known for its tree-lined streets, top-rated schools, and proximity to the Marda Loop shopping district, Altadore provides a perfect blend of urban living and peaceful ambiance.

Young Professionals

Calgary’s downtown districts, Beltline and East Village, are especially popular with young professionals. These neighbourhoods are bustling with life, filled with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that cater to a vibrant nightlife. The proximity to downtown offices makes the commute short and sweet, and the well-connected public transport ensures easy navigation around the city. With its modern condos, East Village is a cultural hub that houses the National Music Centre, the Central Library, and various art venues, making it an ideal place for young, creative professionals.

Other neighbourhoods for young professionals include:

  • Inglewood: Known as Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, Inglewood is a trendy and hip area ideal for young professionals. It’s a dynamic district with an active nightlife, unique shops, and a yearly music festival, making it a hub of entertainment and culture.
  • Mission: This district is a favourite amongst young professionals due to its array of dining and shopping options, all accessible within walking distance. Its location along the Elbow River provides easy access to beautiful outdoor spaces.
  • Kensington: Located in the northwest, Kensington offers a mix of quaint shops, trendy restaurants, and bustling bars. It’s a popular choice for young professionals due to its character, vibrant scene, and proximity to downtown.
  • Lower Mount Royal: A vibrant neighbourhood, Lower Mount Royal offers a mix of old and new with its historic buildings and modern condos. With 17th Avenue – Calgary’s entertainment district – right at its doorstep, this neighbourhood is perfect for young professionals seeking an energetic lifestyle.
  • Eau Claire: Offering a combination of convenience and charm, Eau Claire is a great choice. Located in downtown Calgary, it provides easy access to professional hubs and is home to Prince’s Island Park, one of Calgary’s most loved recreational areas.

These neighbourhoods complement the lifestyle of young professionals, offering a blend of work, play, and convenience, making them attractive options alongside Beltline and East Village.


Retirees may prefer quieter neighbourhoods with easy access to healthcare facilities, recreational venues, and community centres. Signal Hill and Dalhousie are neighbourhoods in the Southwest and Northwest quadrants. Signal Hill offers a quiet residential atmosphere with easy access to the Westside Recreation Centre and several healthcare facilities. On the other hand, Dalhousie is a peaceful community that boasts recreational facilities like the Nose Hill Park and the Silver Springs Golf Club. Both neighbourhoods also have active community associations hosting regular events, ensuring a lively yet serene lifestyle for retirees.

Other neighbourhoods suitable for retirees include:

  • Bridgeland-Riverside: Known for its rich history and vibrant community, Bridgeland-Riverside offers serene residential streets, plenty of parks, and quick access to downtown. Its community association frequently organizes activities, making it an engaging neighbourhood for retirees.
  • Elbow Park: An upscale SW community, Elbow Park is desirable for its quiet and peaceful environment. It’s close to the Elbow River and has beautiful parks, perfect for leisurely walks or outdoor activities.
  • Acadia: A SE community that boasts a thriving seniors club, offering a variety of activities from fitness classes to arts and crafts, making it an ideal place for active retirees.
  • West Hillhurst: This NW neighbourhood offers a quiet residential atmosphere with easy access to healthcare facilities, the Bow River pathways, and the Kensington shopping district.
  • Haysboro: With an active community association that hosts many seniors’ programs, Haysboro is another suitable place for retirees. It’s a peaceful area with easy access to amenities.

These neighbourhoods offer tranquillity and convenience, ensuring retirees enjoy a relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.

Tips for Researching and Visiting Neighbourhoods

When choosing the right neighbourhood in Calgary, thorough research and personal visits to these prospective neighbourhoods is essential. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of these activities:

Online Research

  • Real Estate Websites: These platforms provide useful information about housing prices and property types and often feature neighbourhood descriptions. These websites may also share insights on local schools, crime rates, and demographics.
  • Community Forums: This valuable insider insight can help gauge the neighbourhood vibe.
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to specific neighbourhoods often post about local events, businesses, and community activities. These platforms can provide a sense of the neighbourhood’s culture and lifestyle.

Personal Visits

Even though online research is informative, physically visiting neighbourhoods gives you a firsthand feel of the atmosphere, character, and potential compatibility. When visiting, consider the following:

  • Walkability: How easy is it to navigate the neighbourhood on foot? Are there sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly features?
  • Noise Levels: Spend some time listening. High noise levels from traffic or businesses may affect your quality of life.
  • Condition of Properties: The condition of other properties in the neighbourhood can indicate how well residents maintain their homes and community spaces.
  • People: Try to interact with potential neighbours. Are they welcoming and friendly? Do they seem happy with the neighbourhood?

By combining online research with personal experiences, you can make an informed decision about your future neighbourhood.

Moving Tips and Professional Services

Matco's Calgary Moving Tips and Professional Services

Moving can be daunting, but with the right planning and professional assistance, it can be manageable and stress-free. There are professional moving companies that offer services tailored to local moves. These companies provide various services, from packing your belongings with the utmost care, transporting them safely to your new home, and even unpacking at your destination, ensuring a seamless transition.

For a smooth moving process, here are a few tips:

  • Plan ahead: Start your preparations early, ideally a few months before the move. This includes researching moving companies, decluttering your home, and preparing a moving checklist.
  • Hire Professionals: Engage a local moving company in Calgary for a stress-free move. They have the experience and the know-how to handle your belongings carefully and efficiently.
  • Inventory List: Make a list of all your belongings. Not only does this help in organization, but it’s also useful for your moving company to provide a more accurate quote.
  • Packing: Pack room by room and label boxes. If you’re pressed for time, many moving companies offer packing services.

Remember, moving doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right professional assistance tailored to your needs, you can enjoy a hassle-free move and look forward to settling into your new Calgary neighbourhood.


Calgary is rich in neighbourhoods ideal for everyone, including families, young professionals, and seniors. Thorough research, both online and through personal visits, is essential before choosing the right neighbourhood in Calgary for your local move. Online platforms like real estate websites, community forums, and social media are invaluable for gaining information and insight about prospective areas. On-site visits provide a first-hand feel of the neighbourhood’s atmosphere and compatibility. Lastly, planning and hiring professional moving services can ease the moving process. With careful organization, early preparations, and professional help, the transition to your new home in Calgary can be smooth and stress-free.

Ready to make your move to Calgary? Matco Moving Solutions is here to ensure your move is smooth and stress-free. For more information, visit our Website or Request a Quote!