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Hotel moving and installation services designed for a seamless experience.

When it comes to hotel moving and installation services for hospitality projects, our team stands out for our proficiency in FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment), inventory management, and seamless local delivery and installation. We understand the critical importance of staying on schedule, on budget, and ensuring that our clients can open for business promptly. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we coordinate the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that every piece of furniture, fixture, and equipment is carefully managed and installed with precision.

Hotel Moving Projects

Matco’s hotel moving and installation services involve new construction hotel projects, existing room renovations and common space renovations.

New Construction Hotel Projects

Moving, inventory management and installation services of furniture, fixtures and effects (FF&E) for new hotel properties.

Existing Hotel Rooms

Removal of existing room furniture, fixtures and effects and installation services of new FF&E.

Hotel Common Spaces

Removal and installation of furniture in common areas and event spaces within hotel properties.


Solution Oriented Proposals & Project Planning 

At Matco Moving Solutions, we specialize in a solutions-oriented approach designed specifically for hotel moving and installation projects. Recognizing the distinct challenges and complexities inherent in hotel spaces and operations, we prioritize thorough communication with our clients and project teams. This enables us to gather timelines and expectations essential for crafting tailored proposals and project plans. From the initial consultation to the final execution, our dedicated hotel project team is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions focused on efficiency, quality service, and minimizing disruption to hotel operations.

Matco’s Hotel Moving Services

Matco’s Hotel Moving Services offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the hospitality industry’s needs, encompassing efficient inventory management, temporary storage, furniture removal, furniture installations, custom millwork, and OS&E delivery.

Inventory Management 

Matco’s inventory management services optimize FF&E asset tracking and organization, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your hotel project.

Temporary Storage 

Matco’s local warehouses offer temporary storage solutions for hotel installation projects, providing a convenient and secure space to store furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Furniture Removal

Matco provides a comprehensive furniture removal service tailored for hotel renovation projects, efficiently managing the removal and disposal of old furniture to facilitate the renovation process.

Furniture Installations

Matco provides furniture installation services for hotel projects including the professional setup and placement of furniture to meet the design specifications of each space.

Custom Millwork Solutions

Matco specializes in custom millwork solutions for hotel projects, providing tailored craftsmanship to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of interior spaces like rooms and common areas. 

OS&E Delivery 

Matco offers local OS&E (Operating Supplies and Equipment) delivery services tailored for hotel projects, guaranteeing punctual and effective distribution of crucial items vital for smooth hotel operations.


On-Site Project Management and Coordination 

On-site project management and coordination for hotel projects is paramount to ensuring seamless execution from conception to completion. Our team specializes in meticulously overseeing every aspect of the project, focusing on maintaining strict adherence to schedules and budgets while prioritizing the ultimate goal of getting our customers open for business. We understand the critical importance of timely delivery and financial efficiency in the hospitality industry. By leveraging our expertise and employing effective communication and problem-solving strategies, we streamline operations, anticipate challenges, and proactively address them to ensure smooth progress. With our unwavering commitment to service excellence, we guarantee that your hotel project will not only meet but exceed expectations, delighting both stakeholders and guests alike.

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Experienced Furniture, Fixtures & Effects Installers

Our team of experienced furniture, fixture, and effects (FF&E) installers bring unparalleled expertise to every project. With years of industry experience under their belts, our professionals are adept at handling all aspects of FF&E installation, from reading intricate architectural drawings to executing precise installations and finishings. By choosing Matco, clients can trust that their hotel moving and installation needs will be met with precision and efficiency. Our experts understand the unique challenges of FF&E installation and are equipped to navigate any scope of work with ease, ensuring a seamless transition and a quality finished result.

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