Moving with antique furniture involves a unique set of challenges that demand careful consideration and meticulous handling. These timeless pieces are not just heavy and awkwardly shaped; they carry historical significance and sentimental value that cannot be replaced if damaged. The complexities range from the need for specialized packing materials to prevent scratches and dents to the requirement of custom crating for extraordinarily delicate items, ensuring their safe transit. In this context, professional Calgary moving companies play a pivotal role. With their expertise in handling, packing, and transporting antique furniture, they provide tailored solutions that protect these prized possessions. Their knowledge of the nuances involved in moving such items ensures that your antiques are treated with the care and respect they deserve, making the move smooth and stress-free.

The Risks of DIY Moving with Antique Furniture

Damage Risks

Moving with antique furniture using a DIY approach opens up a Pandora’s box of risks, primarily due to inexperience and lack of proper equipment. Common types of damage that can occur include scratches, dents, and even more severe disfigurement, like broken legs or detached parts. Antiques, by their very nature, require a nuanced understanding of their materials and construction for safe handling. Wood can warp in response to improper wrapping, while fragile finishes might flake or crack if improperly protected. Vintage glass and ceramics are also at high risk for chips or shattering. These damages diminish the piece’s functional value and can significantly impact its aesthetic allure and monetary worth.

Emotional and Financial Costs

The cost of damage caused when moving with antique furniture in a DIY situation extends far beyond the surface. Antiques often hold deep emotional significance as tangible links to personal or family history. A scratch, dent, or break can represent a loss of heritage, memories, or the irreplaceable touch of a loved one. Financially, restoring antique furniture can be expensive and sometimes impossible, rendering the piece a shadow of its former glory. Furthermore, the decrease in value can be substantial, particularly for pieces with provenance or those by recognized artisans. In these emotional and financial stakes, engaging professionals with the requisite expertise and resources isn’t just prudent—it’s imperative.

The Expertise of Professional Calgary Moving Companies

Specialized Training

Professional Calgary moving companies that excel in moving with antique furniture, invest heavily in specialized training for their staff. This training focuses on the art and science of moving delicate items, emphasizing understanding antique pieces’ historical context and construction. Movers are taught how to assess the vulnerability of different materials—be it aged wood, fragile porcelain, or delicate fabrics—and determine the safest handling methods. Furthermore, they learn the intricacies of climate and shock impact on antiques and how to mitigate these risks. This deep knowledge ensures that every item, regardless of age, rarity, or fragility, receives the care it needs during transit.

Custom Packing and Equipment Use

Professionals use various custom packing materials and equipment to protect antiques during the move. High-quality, acid-free packing paper and bubble wrap are standard for preventing scratches and cushioning against shocks. For exceptionally fragile or oddly shaped items, custom-built wooden crates with foam offer a secure enclosure tailored precisely to the item’s dimensions. Specialized moving equipment, such as climate-controlled vans for temperature-sensitive pieces and padded dollies for safe transportation, further protects the antique. By combining these materials and tools with their expertise, professional movers can significantly reduce the risk of damage, providing peace of mind to the owner.

Protection Plans and Peace of Mind

Protection Plans Explained

Understanding the available protection plans is critical when entrusting professional companies with moving with antique furniture. Here’s a breakdown of the types of protection plans:

  • Replacement Value Protection: This comprehensive coverage option typically requires an additional fee but offers much more security for moving with antique furniture. It compensates for repairing or replacing a damaged item with a similar item of kind and quality without depreciation. This can mean the difference between a minor setback and a significant loss for antiques, as it considers the item’s total appraised value.
  • Released Rate Liability: This basic level of protection provides minimal compensation based on the item’s weight, typically around 60 cents per pound per item. Due to the item’s potential high value and low compensation rate, this may not represent a significant reimbursement for antique furniture in case of damage or loss.

The Assurance of Professional Care

Opting for professional Calgary moving companies specializing in antiques provides the benefit of specialized packing and equipment and the assurance of expert handling. This meticulous attention significantly minimizes the risk of damage, as professionals understand how to treat each unique piece with the care it deserves. From the initial assessment to the final placement in a new location, every step is guided by a deep respect and knowledge for the artifacts under their care. This professionalism reduces the likelihood of needing to claim against protection plans and offers unparalleled peace of mind to the owners, knowing their cherished possessions are in the safest hands.

Services Offered by Professional Calgary Moving Companies

Custom Crating and Packing

Professional Calgary moving companies understand that each piece of antique furniture has its own set of requirements for safe transportation. That’s why they offer custom crating and packing services explicitly tailored to the needs of each item. For example, a delicate, ornately carved chair might be wrapped in soft, acid-free tissue before being encased in a sturdy crate lined with shock-absorbent foam. Similarly, a large, fragile mirror could be secured with custom framing and cushioned adequately to prevent any movement leading to cracks or breaks. These bespoke packing solutions ensure that every item, from the sturdiest oak table to the most delicate porcelain vase, is given the utmost protection throughout the moving process.

Climate-Controlled Transport and Storage

The importance of climate-controlled transport and storage of antique furniture cannot be understated. Wood, in particular, is susceptible to damage from fluctuations in temperature and humidity, which can cause it to warp, crack, or split. Climate-controlled environments maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, which is crucial for preserving the integrity of antique furniture during transit and storage. This specialized service is particularly beneficial for items like pianos, which can go out of tune with temperature changes, or oil paintings, which may crack under extreme conditions. By employing climate-controlled transport and storage, professional Calgary moving companies provide an optimal environment that helps ensure the safe arrival of antique items to their new destination, just as they were entrusted.

Additional Tips and Advice for Moving With Antique Furniture

Why You Should Trust A Professional Calgary Moving Company like Matco with Your Antique Furniture

Preparing to Move With Antique Furniture

  • Inspect and Document: Before the move, thoroughly inspect each piece of antique furniture. Take detailed photos and notes of any existing damage or distinctive features. This documentation is crucial for any future insurance claims and for the movers to know what to pay special attention to.
  • Clean Gently: Cleaning antique furniture before a move is essential but should be done carefully. Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners and avoid water on sensitive materials. This step ensures that the pieces are in their best condition and helps to prevent any additional stress from dirt or dust during the move.
  • Remove Loose Components: Remove removable parts such as shelves, drawers, or glass panels. This makes the piece lighter and easier to move and helps prevent damage to these often more vulnerable parts or the main structure.
  • Protect and Label: Apply protective coverings like bubble wrap or furniture pads to shield the surfaces and edges. Use painter’s tape to secure the wrap, as it is less likely to leave a residue. Clearly label each part and its corresponding furniture piece to ease reassembly.
  • Seek Professional Input for Special Care: Consult with the moving company if you need help preparing your antique. Their expertise can provide specific packing and handling instructions tailored to your unique items, ensuring they are moved safely and correctly.
  • Secure Loose Doors and Drawers: If dismantling isn’t an option, secure doors and drawers to prevent them from opening during the move. Use stretch film or a sturdy, low-tack tape that won’t damage the finish.
  • Opt for a Custom Crating Service: Consider investing in custom crating for highly fragile or valuable antiques. This offers the highest level of protection, as crates are built to fit each piece exactly, providing support and preventing movement.

Post-Move Care for Antique Furniture

  • Inspect Upon Arrival: Immediately upon arrival at your new destination, inspect each piece of antique furniture for any signs of damage incurred during the move. Compare the condition against the photos and notes you took before the move.
  • Unpack Carefully: Carefully remove protective coverings such as bubble wrap or furniture pads. If items were in crates, gently disassemble the crates, avoiding any abrupt movements that could harm the antiques.
  • Acclimate Your Antiques: Allow your antique furniture to acclimate to the new environment before placing it in its final location, especially if moving from a significantly different climate. This step is crucial in preventing damage from abrupt changes in temperature or humidity.
  • Professional Cleaning: Consider hiring a professional to clean your antiques after the move. Experts can ensure that the cleaning process is safe and effective, offering a fresh start for your pieces in their new setting.
  • Periodic Maintenance Checks: Regularly check your antique furniture for any signs of damage or wear after moving and settling in. Early detection can prevent minor issues from developing into serious problems.
  • Seek Professional Restoration if Necessary: If any damage occurred during the move, consult a professional restorer as soon as possible. Professional restoration can often mitigate damage, preserving the value and beauty of your antique furniture for generations to come.
  • Enjoy Your Antiques: Finally, once they are safely moved, cleaned, and placed in their new home, take a moment to appreciate them. These pieces beautify your space and serve as tangible connections to the past, enriching your home with history and character.

Choosing the Right Professional Calgary Moving Company for Antiques

Selecting the right professional Calgary moving company for your antiques requires careful consideration of their qualifications. Look for companies with specific experience in handling and transporting antique items. Credentials such as certifications from recognized moving associations or memberships in professional organizations related to art and antique handling can indicate a company’s competence. Furthermore, inquire about the company’s tenure in the industry; longevity can reflect a history of reliable service and extensive experience. It’s also essential to ensure that the moving company possesses the necessary licenses for operation and offers insurance options that cover the total value of your antiques during transport.

Customer reviews and testimonials are invaluable when gauging a moving company’s reliability and expertise in handling antiques. Start by exploring the company’s website and social media profiles for customer testimonials, especially those that mention antiques. Additionally, independent review platforms and forums related to moving services can offer unbiased insights. When reviewing reviews, pay attention to comments on the company’s level of care for items, punctuality, professionalism, and how well they communicated throughout the process. Be wary of companies with recurring complaints, especially regarding damage or loss of items. Remember, a handful of negative reviews amidst a sea of positive feedback might be outliers, but a pattern of dissatisfaction should raise red flags.


Moving with antique furniture requires careful planning, precise handling, and vigilant post-move care to ensure these irreplaceable items remain undamaged and retain their value and beauty. Individuals can significantly mitigate the risks of relocating such precious items by following a detailed preparation process, opting for professional services when necessary, and implementing proper post-move care. Furthermore, selecting the right moving company with specialized experience and a positive track record in handling antiques is paramount. Through due diligence in these areas, homeowners can confidently move their cherished antiques, knowing they are preserving a piece of history for future generations to appreciate. The preservation and enjoyment of antique furniture enhances our living spaces and bridges the connection between the past and the present, making this careful process well worth the effort.

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