Moving Equipment Rentals


Moving Equipment Rentals

Moving equipment rentals and supplies designed for a seamless moving experience.

Matco is your one-stop destination for all your moving equipment needs. Whether you’re relocating your office, business or warehouse we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment and supplies to ensure a smooth and efficient moving process. From sturdy moving bins to reliable dollies, convenient panel carts to versatile file carts, we have everything you need to pack, transport, and organize your contents with ease.

How It Works

Our office moving equipment rental service operates in three simple steps: First, we deliver the necessary equipment directly to your office. Next, you pack your belongings securely using the provided equipment. Finally, once you’re done with your move, we’ll promptly pick up all the rented equipment, making the process convenient and hassle-free.

We Deliver

A Matco driver delivers your moving equipment order to your office and places it where you would like it.

Packing & Moving

Once received, you can pack and/or move your belongings securely using the provided equipment.

We Pick Up

Once you’re unpacked and done with your move we’ll promptly pick up all the rented moving equipment.

Professional Grade Moving Equipment

Renting Matco’s specialized moving equipment offers the advantage of using professional-grade tools trusted by industry experts. Our selection includes moving bins, panel carts, four-wheel dollies, moving boxes, file carts, and office moving labels, all designed to streamline your office relocation. By utilizing equipment favoured by professionals, you ensure greater efficiency, reliability, and safety throughout the moving process.

Moving Bins

Moving bins are an efficient and eco-friendly option for transporting office supplies, equipment, and documents.

Panel Carts

Panel carts are utilized for organizing and securing office partitions, modular furniture, and other large office equipment.

4 Wheel Dollies

Four-wheel dollies are used to easily transport heavy furniture, boxes, and equipment during office an move.

File Carts

File carts are utilized for the convenient and organized transportation of files, documents, and office supplies during office moves.

Safe Jacks

Safe jacks are used during a move for lifting and stabilizing heavy objects such as large safes, furniture or appliances.

Lift Table

Lift tables are utilized during a move for raising heavy items such as furniture, appliances, or machinery to a convenient height.

Computer Bags

Computer bags, typically made of durable poly zip material, are used for safely storing and transporting electronics, cables, and accessories during a move.

Moving Labels

Office moving labels are used for categorizing and labelling boxes and items according to their contents or destination within the office.

Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are used for packing and transporting office supplies, documents, equipment, and personal items during office relocations.


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