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Edmonton’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

Matco’s Edmonton long distance movers help professionals and families move their household belongings to any province or territory in Canada. Originating in Canada’s northwest territories, we have over 55 years of moving industry knowledge and experience under our belt. You can count on our Edmonton long distance moving company to get your possessions safely packed, loaded, and delivered right into your new home with ease.

Peace of Mind with Matco’s Long Distance Movers

We understand that moving a long distance can be a daunting task. That’s why Matco has curated a comprehensive line of customizable long-distance moving services right here in Edmonton to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Planning Your Next Move? Get Started With Matco Calgary

A long distance move is a personal or business move to another city, town, or province within Canada. With Canada being the second-largest country in the world, the distances Canadians move can be long, logistically challenging and require a reputable and experienced long distance moving company in Edmonton like Matco.

long distance move from edmonton


Custom Long Distance Moving Services

  • In-home and video surveys

  • Accurate and detailed estimates

  • A personal Move Coordinator

  • Friendly, skilled and background-checked movers

  • Professional Packing and Crating services

  • Dismantling of all beds, tables and large furniture

  • Blanked-wrapping to protect your furniture 

  • Transportation and logistics

  • Updates and timely communication throughout your move

  • In-home delivery and placement of your belongings

  • Reassembly of all previously dismantled furniture 

  • Unpacking services and debris removal

Matco’s Long Distance Moving Process

Moving long distance is a complicated process, especially in a country as large as Canada. In our 55 years of business, we’ve crafted a simple and well-oiled moving process. Below is a glimpse into the steps our Edmonton long distance moving company will take in making your move as smooth as possible.

1. Estimating Your Long Distance Move

At Matco, we prioritize providing accurate estimates to avoid any unnecessary surprises throughout the long distance moving process. That is why we offer free virtual or in-home surveys. Our skilled team of estimators will need to know the size of your home, how much and what type of items you are moving, and the specific services you require.

2. Developing Your Moving Plan

Once our team has obtained a list of items you are moving and the total weight of them, we will provide you with a quote. We will then start looking at potential service dates and lay out any additional steps you must take prior to moving day.

3. Packing For A Long Distance Move

Our long distance Edmonton moving team provides a variety of packing services. From a full packing service where we pack your entire household, to partial packing services where we only pack special items like breakables, mirrors and artwork. Or if you are up to the task, we can supply you with a variety of new or gently used moving boxes.

4. Loading Your Belongings

On your loading day, our Edmonton Long Distance Movers will arrive at your location with moving company owned equipment, furniture pads, floor and residence protection and the moving truck. Our long distance moving team in Edmonton will disassemble any large furniture and protect it all with high-quality furniture pads.

5. Transportation Across Canada

Once your possessions are all on the moving truck, they will be transported safely to your new home. The time it takes for your shipment to arrive will depend greatly on the distance between your old home and your new home.

6. In-Home Delivery

When the moving truck arrives at your destination, the movers will unload all your belongings into your new home and place them in the room of your choosing. Any furniture which was disassembled by Matco at your old home will be reassembled at this time.

7. Unpacking And Box Removal

Matco’s Long Distance Movers in Edmonton also offer a full or partial unpacking service. Since you’ll be deciding where your boxed contents go, our team will simply place items on top of surfaces like counters, and table tops for you to put away as you like.

Storage Services Designed for Long Distance Moving

Sometimes your move-in dates don’t align with your move-out dates. Not a problem. Matco offers a wide range of temporary, short term and long-term storage solutions designed to make long distance moving a breeze.

Edmonton Long Distance Moving FAQs

What does a long distance moving company like Matco base their quotes on?

A long distance moving company like Matco Edmonton will provide a quote based on the size of the move (total weight), the distance you are moving and the services you require at origin and destination.

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

The timeline of your shipment can vary greatly depending on the size of your shipment and the distance you are moving to and from. Your dedicated move coordinator will provide you with a transit time guide which will give you a timeframe for when your shipment will arrive.

Does Matco offer long distance moving insurance?

Matco does not sell insurance on long distance moves, rather we offer Replacement Value Protection (RVP). If you decide to decline RVP, your belongings will be moved at a Release Rate Liability. Learn more about our protection plans here.

How long will it take Matco’s long distance movers to pack my house?

The time it takes our experienced movers to pack is based on the amount and type of items that need to be packed into boxes. Your move coordinator will be able to provide you with an estimated timeframe once the survey is completed.