You’ve booked your office move, and moving day is quickly approaching. If you’ve been wondering what the best way is to approach packing, don’t worry! In this blog, we’ll cover the most efficient ways to prepare for your upcoming office move.

Preparing Your Office For Packing

The first step in an efficient office move is organization. This is a chance for the office to declutter and do away with any unnecessary files hanging around (like that instruction manual for the printer that got thrown out 10 years ago). Allow individuals to do this for their workspaces, and assign managers to go through communal spaces.

Not only will this step give you a chance to get organized, but you might find missing documents or tools. It will also set you up for success in the new office by knowing exactly what you have, and where it is.

The Proper Packing Order

Now that you’ve got the office organized, it’s time to start packing. But where do you start? A good rule of thumb is to start with all the office decor such as plants, artwork, awards, etc. While these items improve the office environment, they play no practical role, and it’s good to get them out of the way.

Next is to pack up the filing cabinets. Discuss with your office movers on the best way to do this. You might be able to leave the files in the cabinets and have them securely wrapped up. Ensure boxes of files are clearly marked and assigned to their respective cabinets.

Move onto packing books and bookshelves. In most cases books aren’t used for daily reference, and they can easily be packed ahead of time.

As the day of the move gets closer, begin to pack up your desk contents. Leave yourself only the essentials you’ll need for a few days, and rest assured that all your belongings will be packed and ready for the commercial moving company.

The last things to pack up will be your computer, phone, and other technology. Make sure to carefully protect this important equipment. The original boxes work best for ensuring nothing gets damaged. If you don’t have the original boxes, consider hiring your office movers to professionally wrap and pack these fragile items. After everything else is removed, your commercial office movers will safely wrap your desk, chair, and other furniture items to ensure there is no damage during the move.

Other Important Things To Consider

Beyond the basic packing required, there are some additional things to prepare for when planning your office move. Ensure that all your computer data is backed up, and consider making copies of any critical documents. Having a copy of your data will provide peace of mind, and ensure that nothing gets lost forever in the unlikely case of broken equipment.

Make sure to also consider hiring office movers to do the packing for your move. Will packing be an undue burden on your employees? Will it lead to a significant decrease in productivity? If yes, it’s likely beneficial for you to hire a commercial moving company to pack for you.

Looking For Help With Your Upcoming Office Move?

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