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Office Moving Services

Office and Commercial moving services designed for an easy moving experience.

Matco specializes in office moves of all sizes. Whether you’re relocating your business or office to a new address, revamping hotel spaces, or facilitating the installation of office furniture, our expert movers are equipped with the skills to handle your assets with the utmost efficiency and care. With over 55 years of experience in office and commercial moving, Matco stands as the trusted choice for businesses seeking seamless transitions.

Specialized Moving Services

Matco provides specialized moving services tailored to meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re overseeing an office relocation, transferring furniture for a university or school, or managing the transfer of delicate medical equipment in the healthcare sector, Matco is the mover of choice among private and public organizations.

Office Moves

Moving your office? Matco helps businesses move their physical workspace, including furniture, equipment, and supplies, to a new location.

University & School Moves

Moving furniture and contents across campus? Matco helps move educational institutions’ resources, such as furniture, equipment, and materials, to different locations.

Healthcare & Medical Equipment Moves

Moving specialized medical equipment? Matco offers assistance in moving crucial equipment like MRI and CT machines to various healthcare facilities across the country.


On-Site Surveys & Detailed Budget Quotes 

At Matco, we strive to provide customers with accurate and detailed office moving quotes. That’s why we offer free on-site or virtual surveys so we can get the true cost of your move and develop a solid move plan to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

On-Site Surveys

Get A Matco Moving Specialist to visit your office to survey what you’re moving.

Virtual Surveys

Schedule A Matco Moving Specialist to virtually see your office and survey what you’re relocating.

Value Added Services

Make your office move even easier with Matco’s value-added moving services. Choose from professional contents packing, equipment rentals, furniture installation, IT equipment disconnects and reconnects, protection plans, and storage solutions to tailor your move according to your needs.

Packing Contents

Need help packing your office’s contents? Matco’s office movers provide full and partial packing services in our specialized moving bins.

Equipment Rentals

In need of specialized office moving equipment? Matco offers specialized office moving equipment rentals to ensure your items are secure and protected during your move.

Furniture Installations

Need your office furniture set up? Choose our professional office furniture installation services for desks, cubicles, desks, storage racks, cabinets and more.

IT Disconnect & Reconnect

Need your IT equipment disconnected for your move? Matco provides disconnecting and reconnecting services for IT equipment and electronics.

Protection Plans

Make sure your valuable assets are covered during your move. Our Replacement Value Protection plans provide businesses of all sizes with peace of mind.

Storage Solutions

Need extra space to store inventory or records? Store your assets within Matco’s secure and temperature-controlled storage facilities. 


Complete Office Furniture Installation Services

Our team of professional furniture installers not only excel in the disassembly and reassembly of renowned furniture brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, Teknion, and Steelcase, but also possess extensive expertise in handling a wide array of furniture styles and models. Whether it’s modular workstations, ergonomic chairs, or intricate office desks, we understand the nuances of each piece and ensure precise assembly to meet your exact specifications. With Matco, you can trust that your office furniture is in the capable hands of seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering impeccable results and exceeding your expectations.


Office Moving in 9 Simple Steps

STEP 1:  Initial Consultation & Assessment 

At Matco, we conduct a thorough consultation with all our clients to address their unique needs, requirements, and timelines. At the initial consultation, we will set up an on-site survey where our office moving team will assess factors like the size of the office space, the quantity of furniture and equipment for relocation, and any special considerations such as fragile items or sensitive equipment.

STEP 2:  Moving Costs and Planning

Following the assessment, our team will provide you with a customized moving plan based on the specifications of your move. The plan will encompass various steps including packing protocols, transportation arrangements, and scheduling considerations. At this time we will also provide you with a detailed budget quote outlining the various costs along with a proposed timeline for your move.

STEP 3: Packing and Labelling

Matco provides comprehensive packing services tailored to our client’s specific needs. Whether you seek full office packing assistance, help with specific items, or prefer a DIY approach, we’re here to assist. Additionally, we offer moving bins, boxes, and materials to streamline your packing process. As part of our service, we supply office moving labels for labelling each item with its designated destination in the new office layout, ensuring efficient and precise placement upon arrival.

STEP 4: Disassembling Furniture & Equipment

After your assets are packed and labelled, our moving team will arrive at your office with the tools and equipment to expertly disassemble bulky furniture or equipment like desks, cubicles, and shelving units. With meticulous care, our furniture installers will pack and label each component, guaranteeing precise reassembly at the destination.

STEP 5: Transportation

On moving day, our dedicated team of office movers and drivers will carefully load and secure all packed and disassembled items onto our specialized moving truck and transport them safely to your new location.

STEP 6: Unloading + Placing Furniture & Contents

Upon arrival at the new office space, our movers will diligently unload all items and furniture, meticulously following the labelled boxes and instructions provided during the planning stage. Our team will also place furniture and equipment in their assigned areas, adhering closely to your floor plan and/or specific instructions.

STEP 7: Assembly & Set Up

After unloading, Matco’s movers will reassemble any furniture or equipment that was disassembled during the packing process, ensuring completeness and functionality. We’ll also set up everything in the new office space, assembling desks, cubicles, and workspaces, and meticulously connect electronics and testing equipment to ensure all equipment is set up and in working order.

STEP 8: Final Walkthrough & Post Move Inspection

After everything is unloaded, placed and set up, our project manager along with our movers will engage in a thorough final inspection with you to ensure that all items have been transported and arranged to your specifications. Any potential concerns or discrepancies are identified and rectified before our team departs from the site.

STEP 9: Post-Move Support with Quality Care Team

Matco’s quality team diligently follows up with clients after their office move to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Understanding that the relocation process can be stressful, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition for our customers. The quality team gathers valuable feedback through personalized follow-up calls and surveys, addressing any concerns promptly and effectively. This commitment to customer satisfaction underscores our dedication to providing not just a service, but an exceptional experience.


Why Businesses Choose Matco

Listen to genuine stories from our customers who share their experiences with Matco and discover why they choose our team for all of their office moving needs.

I did a lot of research before making a final decision to hire Matco for our office move. I was VERY impressed with Rod and his team. They went above and beyond to get the move done. Very professional, very friendly & nothing at all was broken in transit! They said they do it all, and they sure did. If you are planning a move, do not look anywhere else. This company far exceeds any other.

Nikki Cousins

Matco Edmonton AB

We just finished a fairly big office move and the move is all done in far less time than I expected. I have to say that the movers at Matco did a highly professional job and really put their muscles into it! I can’t say enough about how efficient and careful they were; nothing got broken or lost and changes and additions were accommodated immediately. It’s great to see such service these days!

Juergen Schmidt

Matco Calgary AB

Matco made our office move as stress-free as possible. They were able to reschedule the date for us when an unexpected technical problem occurred; their personnel were polite and professional; no items were damaged; the communication was excellent; and the team was amazingly fast. We had expected the process to take the entire day, however Matco personnel had everything moved, assembled, and in place by noon. They even double-checked with every staff member before leaving to ensure that all was well.

Rick Baumgartner

Matco Edmonton AB

A very positive experience. We had dozens of desks, lots of broken materials, and no elevator. Matco helped me organize the move, supplied the labels and information I needed, checked in with me regularly, and on move day sent a great crew that was efficient, and cheerful (did I mention no elevator! lol). Matco also helped our charity source additional donations and materials at reduced prices. Will be using them again.

Corinna Totino

Matco Calgary AB


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