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Long Distance Moving Services

Long distance moving services designed for an easy moving experience.

At Matco Moving Solutions, we strive to ensure your long-distance move is smooth, simple, and stress-free. Whether you’re relocating to a different city, province or territory in Canada, our team of movers are equipped with the expertise to move and transport your cherished belongings safely and efficiently. With over 55 years of experience, Matco stands as the preferred choice for everyday individuals seeking a reliable moving company they can trust.

Long Distance Moves

Matco’s long distance moving services knows no bounds. Whether you’re moving long-distance within Canada, to the U.S. or another country, Matco’s moving specialists are equipped with the knowledge and tools to move your belongings there safely and on schedule.

Long Distance Moving in Canada

Long Distance moving to another city, province or territory in Canada.

Cross Border Moving

Long Distance moving to and from Canada and the U.S.

International Moving

International moving from Canada to another country.


Consistent Communication And Support Throughout The Entire Process

Experience a smooth long-distance move with Matco’s dedicated move coordinator service. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple contacts and endless phone calls. With a single point of contact guiding you through every stage of your relocation journey, you can rest assured that communication remains clear and consistent. Our move coordinators keep you informed at every step, from initial planning to final delivery, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the process. Whether you have questions or concerns, or simply need an update, your dedicated move coordinator is here to provide personalized assistance.


Accurate Estimates with Complimentary Home and Virtual Surveys

At Matco, we strive to provide customers with accurate and detailed long distance moving quotes. Choose from a free in-home or virtual survey so you can get the true cost of your move and avoid any unnecessary surprises.

In-Home Surveys

Get A Matco Moving Specialist to visit your home to survey what you’re moving.

Virtual Surveys

Get A Matco Moving Specialist to visit your home to survey what you’re moving.

Value Added Moving Services

Simplify your long-distance move with Matco’s comprehensive moving services. Choose from a range of value-added options, including professional packing and crating services, storage solutions, protection plans, and a variety of moving boxes and supplies.

Packing Services

Need help packing? Matco offers full, partial and breakables-only packing services.

Crating Services

Moving a fragile or precious item? Matco offers custom crating to ensure your items are secure and protected during your move.

Storage Solutions

Move in dates not aligning? Store your belongings within Matco’s secure and temperature-controlled storage facilities.

Protection Plans

Make sure your precious belongings are covered during your move. Our Replacement Value Protection plans give you peace of mind throughout your move.

Moving Supplies

Planning to pack yourself? Use the boxes and supplies the pros use to ensure your belongings are secure and protected.

Specialty Moving

Moving a large or heavy item like a Piano or Pool Table? Matco offers special disassembly and moving services for specialty items.


Choose A Long Distance Mover You Can Trust

When it comes to moving your belongings over long distances, it’s crucial to use a reliable moving company like Matco. With a trusted reputation spanning over 55 years, everyday individuals have relied on Matco to transport their most cherished possessions, whether it’s down the street, across Canada, or around the globe.

55 + Years of Experience

Moving people and businesses across Canada since 1966.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Certified quality management system designed for continual improvement.


Protection Plans For Long Distance Moves

Get peace of mind when moving long distance with Matco’s protection plans. Choose from Replacement Value Protection or Released Coverage.

Replacement Value Protection

Replacement value option in the event of loss or damage.

Released Coverage Option

Limited liability option in the event of loss or damage.


Long Distance Moving In 8 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Estimating Your Move

At Matco, we strive to provide you with accurate and detailed estimates to prevent any surprises during your long distance move. To do this, we provide customers with the option of an in-home or virtual survey. During the survey, our skilled estimators will assess the dimensions of your residence, inventory the items you intend to relocate, and discuss your specific moving needs.

STEP 2:  Moving Costs and Planning

After the moving specialist has compiled an inventory of your belongings and determined the total weight, we will provide you with a quote accordingly. Once the quote is finalized, we will arrange service dates and inform you of any further preparations necessary before moving day.

STEP 3: Packing and Preparing

Matco offers professional packing services to our valued customers. Whether you require full packing and preparation, assistance with specific items, or prefer to handle packing yourself, we’ve got you covered. We can also provide moving boxes and materials to facilitate your packing process.

STEP 4: Loading Your Belongings

After your belongings are packed, our moving team will arrive at your residence with a fully-equipped moving truck. Our trucks are stocked with furniture pads, materials, dollies, and floor runners to safeguard your belongings. Before we start loading your belongings, we will complete an inventory of all the items you are moving, meticulously wrap all furniture items and disassemble essentials such as beds, tables, and sectional couches. Once your belongings are loaded you will receive a copy of the inventory and Bill of Lading for your records.

STEP 5: Transporting Your Belongings & Logistics

After your belongings are loaded onto the moving truck, they will start their journey to your new destination. When you book your move, your designated move coordinator will give you a Transit Time Guide (TTG), indicating the range of dates your shipment is expected to arrive for delivery. Your move coordinator will keep you informed about the status of your shipment and coordinate your delivery date accordingly.

STEP 6:  Delivering Your Belongings

Upon the arrival of the moving truck at your new residence, our moving team will provide you with a Bingo check-off form and call out each tagged item as it comes off the truck to ensure all items are accounted for. From here we’ll carefully unload your belongings and transport them inside your home. We will arrange your furniture according to your preferences and reassemble any items that were disassembled during the loading process.

STEP 7:  Unpacking and Box Removal

Matco provides both full and partial unpacking services to facilitate your settling-in process. Recognizing that you’ll want to determine the placement of your belongings, our service is tailored to place items exclusively on tabletops and surfaces, allowing you the freedom to arrange them according to your preferences.

STEP 8:  Post Move Follow Up with our Quality Team

Matco’s quality team diligently follows up with customers after their long distance move to ensure the utmost satisfaction. Understanding that the relocation process can be stressful, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless transition for our customers. The quality team gathers valuable feedback through personalized follow-up calls and surveys, addressing any concerns promptly and effectively. This commitment to customer satisfaction underscores our dedication to providing not just a service, but an exceptional experience.


Why Everyday People Choose Matco

Listen to genuine stories from people who share their experiences with Matco and discover why they choose our team for all of their long distance moving needs.

Matco made my move to Ontario from Alberta as smooth as it could have been. My coordinator was great and always responded in a timely manner when I reached out with questions. The actual movers were great and got the job, at both ends, done in a timely and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Matco for your move.

Judy Jessen

Matco Calgary AB

Punctual, polite and safe handling of belongings in the moves. Had them move house belongings from Nanaimo to Edmonton and everything arrived without so much as a scuff mark. Also had them move items in city and same great service. I will recommend Matco to anyone that needs a moving company.


Matco Edmonton AB

This is the 2nd time we have used Matco for long haul moves and nothing got damaged, scratched, or lost, all this service with a smile. I would recommend these guys to everyone and anyone who is planning a move! The Matco Team Rocks! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for not stressing us out any more than we needed to be during our move. You guys are Great!

Michel Rheaume

Matco Yellowknife NT

I moved from Regina to just outside of Whitehorse. Matco Moving eliminated so much stress on the move. Everything was done professionally and with friendly staff along the move. I would highly recommend using their services.

Damon Weigl

Matco Whitehorse YT


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