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Home Delivery Services

Home delivery services designed for the ultimate customer experience.

Elevate your service offerings with Matco’s Home Delivery services, where convenience and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Our professional delivery crews are expertly trained to meticulously follow your specific delivery instructions, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your customers every time.


Home Delivery Services Tailored To Your Valued Customers

Matco provides customizable delivery solutions to meet your customers’ needs, guaranteeing the utmost convenience and satisfaction. Our extensive warehouse network spans Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon, with over 150,000 square feet of storage space. This allows us to efficiently receive and store your products until your valued customer is ready for them to be delivered.

Home Delivery Services

Matco’s Home Delivery services provide optimized solutions for businesses and efficient delivery experiences for their customers. Our portfolio of delivery services includes white glove, room of choice, doorstep, warehouse pickup, installations and haul-away services.

White Glove

Our premium white glove service ensures delivery to the customer’s preferred room, expert unpacking and assembly of the item, and the removal of packaging from their home.

Room Of Choice

Matco’s delivery team will deliver the product to the customer’s room of choice, unpack the item and take away the packaging materials.  


Matco offers doorstep delivery to customers who request a contactless delivery method. We’ll deliver the item to the customers doorstep, take a picture for proof of delivery and notify them once it’s delivered.


If your customer would like to pick up their item from one of our warehouse facilities we will schedule a time for them to pick up and help securely load the item into their vehicle.


Matco has certified furniture and appliance installers available to install intricate and complex items in addition to delivering them. 

Haul Away

Matco’s haul away service includes the removal of old items from your customer’s home and recycling and/or disposing of them accordingly. 


Professional Delivery Crews

Our home delivery teams are trained to handle deliveries with the utmost care and attention to detail. From navigating complex routes to ensuring timely arrivals, our professional crews are equipped with the tools and expertise necessary to uphold your brand’s reputation. With a focus on customer satisfaction, our delivery personnel not only deliver packages but also provide exceptional service, going above and beyond to meet the unique needs of each recipient.


Home Delivery Services In Alberta, Northwest Territories And Yukon

Matco’s home delivery coverage extends across major cities in Alberta, ensuring fast and reliable service to urban centers such as Calgary, and Edmonton. Additionally, our commitment to accessibility reaches far beyond city limits. We proudly service rural and remote communities in northern Canada throughout the Northwest Territories and Yukon, allowing you to extend your home delivery capabilities to your valued customers.


Our Home Delivery Process In 4 Simple Steps

STEP 1:  Receive Product

Upon arrival of your product at one of our warehouse facilities, our team will perform a detailed inspection of the shipment. At this time, we will accurately record it in our inventory management system and promptly notify you of its arrival.

STEP 2:  Schedule Delivery

Once your shipment reaches our warehouse, our team will organize the delivery process, liaising either with you or your customer directly, depending on your preference.

STEP 3: Home Delivery To Your Customer

On the day of delivery, our driver will update your customer on their estimated time of arrival and deliver the shipment according to the service requested.

STEP 4: Customer Survey 

Once the shipment is delivered, we’ll send a brief survey to the customer to gather their feedback on the delivery experience. We’ll then share this information with you.

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