When you are moving, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your electronic items are getting damaged. You can avoid this worry by properly packing the electronics prior to your move. By taking a little precaution in advance, you can get all of your electronics moved safely, so everything is intact when you are ready to unpack. This blog will share expert tips from our Edmonton and Calgary house movers on how to best protect your electronics.

Use The Original Packaging When You Can

If you’ve saved the boxes for any of your electronics, use those to pack the items. Manufacturers and shippers are committed to getting products safely to their customers, so using their original packaging is ideal. Your items will fit in these boxes perfectly, and they will be cushioned with the materials that kept them safe right out of the factory. Be sure to pack instruction manuals with products, so you don’t misplace them during the move. When hiring house movers, they will ask if you have the original packaging for TVs, but feel free to mention saved boxes for other electronics and appliances (saving money and hassle)!

Use Standard Quality Moving Boxes

If you don’t have the original packaging and you are using a generic moving box, ensure that you pack them well with bubble wrap, air pillows, or packing paper to keep the device from shaking or moving. You should keep each item separately wrapped to prevent small scratches, chips, or breaks.

Use Unmarked Boxes For Expensive Electronics

When you plan to leave your possessions in a storage facility, use unmarked boxes for expensive items. If you have the original packaging for electronics such as TVs, computers, and stereos, you can still make use of them. Simply position the electronics in their proper boxes, and then, place those in slightly larger, unmarked boxes. This will help to prevent thieves from noticing them during the local moving and storage process.

If you will be storing your valuables with Matco Moving Solutions, you can rest assured that your items will be safe no matter what box they’re in. Not only do we have 24/7 security cameras watching your valuables and an onsite manager at each storage facility, but our employees have also been through extensive police screening. We take pride in the safety of our storage facilities and the quality of our work – your move is safe in our hands.

Remove Items from Electronic Devices

Remove any items that have been left inside your devices to ensure that no damage occurs due to the constant motion during transport. This includes Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, toner and printer cartridges, and even batteries; anything that doesn’t belong to the device should come out. Tape up any openings, such as DVD drives, before packing them into boxes.

Gather Loose Parts

Put loose parts in bags and label them accordingly. This will keep them organized, and you won’t waste time later trying to figure out which part belongs to which gadget. You can also tape the bag of parts to the item itself so they don’t get separated during the house move.

Wrap Up Cables and Cords

Wind all your cables and cords neatly and tie them with twist ties. When you arrive at your destination, you will not be faced with a confusing mess of loose or tangled cords. It will be beneficial to label them so that you would know which device they are meant for. House movers will create a box of cables, cords, and accessories so that you only have one box to search through while unpacking.

Use Anti-Static Materials

When packing your electronic belongings, use an anti-static wrap for additional protection. Items that generally benefit from this precautionary measure include TV screens, computer monitors, DVDs, cell phones and other electronics. Anti-static materials are generally pink in colour and allow for the static charge to travel around the items and then dissipate through the chemically coated surface, rather than potentially damaging the items within the packaging. Local moving may not require this level of attention, but be sure to consider it if you’re planning a long-distance move!

Looking For Help Moving Electronics During Your Local Move?

Matco Moving Solutions‘ skilled house movers provide a complete line of home moving services in cities across Canada. From local moving in Edmonton and Calgary to long distance moving across provinces, you can count on Matco’s House Movers to safely get your belongings delivered on time and on budget.

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