Not all moves are the same in nature, and neither are the pieces that you move. Certain items, especially antiques and collectibles, require special care and attention. This blog will cover the special services our Calgary moving service company offers, and the specific handling required for common types of collectible items.

Specialized Services

Here at Matco Moving Solutions, we have a moving strategy for all the goods you’re moving. Some special services we offer include:

Custom Crating

Large or unusual pieces require custom crating to keep them secure and stable during transport. These custom crates perfectly fit the dimensions of your item and keep them snug to prevent accidental damage during the moving process.

Climate Controlled Moving and Storage

Humidity, heat, and even cold temperatures can drastically harm your special antiques and collectibles. Highly fragile items need to be kept in perfect conditions to prevent warping or damage, and luckily Matco has climate-controlled warehouses and vehicles to protect your precious goods.

Replacement Value Protection

Going above and beyond the basic released value protection, we offer Replacement Value Protection to give you peace of mind you’re covered in the case of freak accidents or unexpected events during your move. This coverage will guarantee you the replacement value of your goods should they be damaged beyond repair (but we promise we do everything to prevent this!). If you aren’t sure about the value of your items, contact an appraiser to capture the value of the items accurately.

Additionally, our Calgary moving company is trained to spot any items you may miss during the moving consultation. Our moving specialists are trained to ask questions and ensure that any special items are appropriately handled. Writing a simple note that a piece is fragile can do wonders for our moving services crew on your move day, ensuring that nothing is broken and you are left with an excellent moving experience.

What Requires Special Handling?

There is a large assortment of items that require special handling during a move. Large heirloom furniture will need to be padded and transported with care, mirrors and artwork have to be carefully packed and wrapped, and your collectibles will need specific handling to prevent item-specific damage. Some common collectibles and their unique circumstances include:

Collectible Comic Books: Comic books should be packed in acid-free bags (to prevent ink transfer) and comic storage boxes.

Vinyl Records: Vinyl records are best packed in their original inner sleeves and jackets (or acid-free inner sleeves), and placed in specifically designed vinyl record storage boxes. Vinyl records absolutely cannot be subject to extreme heat and must be carefully monitored and placed in climate-controlled conditions.

Wine Collections: Wine bottles should be placed in wine shipping kits that have a separate space for each bottle. Place these boxes on their sides so the cork remains wet during the move. It is essential that these bottles don’t get hot or cold while being moved or in storage. Being that this is also alcohol, there may be special permits or laws regarding the transport of your wine, especially depending on how much you have in your collection.

Antique & Collectable Moving Services in Calgary

Matco Moving Solutions can help safely move your antiques and collectables on your next locallong-distance or international move. We are a full-service moving company in Calgary that is dedicated to delivering a stress-free and positive moving experience.

Contact us today for a free moving quote and to learn more about our moving services in Calgary.