Should you move over the holidays? It’s a tricky decision to make, and we know that there are many factors at play. While you ultimately know your family best and have to make the final decision, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for moving homes during the holidays to help you decide!

Pros of Holiday Home Moving

Lower Prices: The winter season is a less busy time in the moving industry, and planning a home move during this time is typically less expensive. A less expensive move means you can spend your money on more important things, like that $300 nerf gun your 8-year-old just NEEDS!

Plenty of Help: With statutory holidays and banked vacation days that need to be used, chances are your family and friends will have lots of spare time. Many hands make light work, and with the promise of a turkey dinner, we’re sure you can rally the troops to make your holiday move quick and easy.

No Days Off: Where a move during the summer months often requires taking time off work, mandatory days off over the holiday season will save your vacation days for an actual vacation.

Light Traffic: Most people travel on Christmas, or jet off to warmer climates over the holidays. The roads are less busy, and it will make your move less stressful (especially on winter roads).

Cons of Holiday Home Moving

Bad Weather: Unfortunately, bad weather is synonymous with the holidays. While we all love a white Christmas, the heaps of snow and freezing conditions can make a holiday move less than ideal (and in some cases, impossible).

Holiday Stress: The holidays are already a super busy time, between the shopping, cooking, parties, and other festivities, you just might not have the time to squeeze in a move. Moving is a big process and requires due time and attention, sacrificing either could lead to a less than memorable moving experience.

A Toned-Down Holiday Season: The reality of a holiday move is that some other things will have to be sacrificed. Some parties will need to be skipped for packing, and the decorations won’t be as elaborate as in years past. This is an unfortunate sacrifice that your family will have to accept, so make sure your loved ones are okay with the sacrifice.

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