It’s no secret, moving is expensive. Moving overseas even more so. A question you may be asking yourself is “Is it worth it to ship furniture overseas?”. This is a difficult question to answer and entirely depends on your specific circumstances. This blog will contain advice from our long distance movers on whether or not to move furniture during your overseas move.

Factors that Impact Price

Every move is unique and comes with different challenges. There are unlimited factors that will impact the price and timing of your move, but a few big things to consider are:

Your Destination: Long distance moves are not created equally. Moving from Alberta, Canada to Montana, USA will be a very different experience than moving to Paris, France. The distance and cultural differences between the two locations will make a huge impact on the cost and accessibility of your move. Simple things like appliances might not be compatible everywhere, and it’s important to consider this going into your move.

The Amount Of Items You Ship: Most long distance moving companies in Edmonton base their pricing on weight. Starting with minimum weight, the price goes up with more and more weight. Your weight is estimated during the consultation process and confirmed after all your items are loaded. To keep the cost down, reduce any items you may not need or want.

Time of Year: The busiest times of year for a long distance moving company will result in the highest prices. The summer months and Christmas break in Edmonton are super busy periods in the moving industry, and they’re best to avoid if you want to save a few dollars.

Your Chosen Moving Companies: The Edmonton long-distance moving company you choose to service your move will be pivotal in the success of your move. We recommend choosing reliable and trustworthy long distance movers for peace of mind and moving security.

Reasons for Shipping Your Furniture

There are lots of reasons to hire a long distance moving company to ship your furniture overseas, but a few common reasons are:

  1. Shipping furniture is less than purchasing new furniture.
  2. The furniture you’re shipping has sentimental value.
  3. You need the furniture immediately, and can’t risk long delivery times.
  4. You want to keep something familiar in your new home and country.
  5. The furniture and styles you like aren’t available in your new country.

Reasons Against Shipping Your Furniture

As with reasons for, a few common reasons you might not want to ship your furniture internationally are:

  1. The furniture won’t fit in the design of your new house.
  2. The furniture, specifically wooden pieces, won’t work well in a different climate.
  3. It is less expensive to buy new furniture than to ship it.
  4. If you plan to move back to your home country and want to keep your furniture in storage.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re still not sure whether you should hire Edmonton long distance movers to move your furniture overseas, here are a few guiding questions to help you make your choice:

  1. How old is my furniture? Is it in good condition?
  2. Is my furniture valuable? Or is it cheaper to replace?
  3. Does my furniture hold sentimental value?
  4. Will my new home have enough room? Will I need to purchase more furniture and maybe want complete sets?
  5. Are there any import regulations that will impact moving my furniture?

Looking For an Edmonton Long Distance Moving Company?

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