Office moving, like many things, is a complex and tedious process. With so many steps and boxes to tick, having a checklist of things to complete can make the process much easier to navigate. Below we’ve compiled the ultimate Calgary office moving checklist to make your upcoming office move a breeze!

The Ultimate Checklist

Before the Move

  • Review your current lease and consider any deposits or fees for damages or breaking your lease early.
  • Set a reasonable budget based on the size of your office and expected timeframe.
  • Get quotes from moving companies, and choose one based on their legitimacy, reviews, professionalism, pricing, qualifications, and appropriate licensing.
  • Determine if you need moving coverage, and then how much.
  • Assemble a move planning team to handle the upcoming logistics of the move (for a small office this may be one person, for a larger office this could be a group of 5+).
  • Lock in your moving date and inform your current landlord, new landlord, employees, and any other key stakeholders. This includes updating your mailing address and ensuring suppliers and customers are aware of your new location.
  • Plan the transition to your new Calgary office space, considering the floor plan and layout of both spaces.
  • Sign and prepare any required permits for your move including parking, noise, or activity. Book your elevator service well ahead of time.
  • If you aren’t hiring Calgary office movers to pack your office, ensure that your team packs their desks and offices before the move, and labels everything appropriately.
  • Back up all important documents and data to ensure nothing is lost during your move.

During the Move

  • Connect all the utilities including power and water at your new location, and turn them off at your old office before everyone leaves.
  • Prepare technical elements to be disconnected and moved.
  • Have everything packed and ready for your Calgary office movers to make the process quick and easy.
  • Set a budget for snacks and refreshments for your staff and the moving crew.
  • Prepare for bad weather, and be prepared to lay down tarps or clean the floors after the crew has moved in and out.
  • Document any damage incurred during or before the move to properly assign liability.

After the Move

  • Ensure IT is set up quickly to connect the computers, internet, and phones as soon as possible.
  • Double check that your insurance has been transferred to the new space.
  • Confirm that the lease, deposit, and security measures (like key cards or access codes) have been settled in the old office space, and set up in the new one.
  • Make a public statement about your new location to let the public know and remind your stakeholders.
  • Celebrate! An office move is no small feat, and you have successfully pulled it off. Create a show of goodwill by throwing an office warming party, or creating small welcome gifts for each member of your team.

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