Moving a piano is no ordinary task. The beauty and elegance of this musical instrument are matched only by its size and weight, making it a challenging item to relocate. Whether moving across Edmonton or to a different city, moving a piano demands specialized skills, equipment, and attention to detail. In this blog, Matco’s Edmonton piano movers will dive into the factors and expenses of moving a piano.

Type of Piano

Its type is the first and most crucial factor influencing the cost of moving a piano. Pianos come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from upright, grand, baby, and concert grand pianos. Grand pianos, especially concert grands, are larger and heavier, requiring more effort and resources to move. Consequently, the type of piano will play a significant role in determining the overall cost of the move.

The type of piano also extends to its value; a Steinway and Sons instrument will require more attention and care than a keyboard. If you aren’t sure of the pianos type, or weight, Edmonton movers can help you find experts to ensure you’re fully protected.

Distance of the Move

The distance of the piano’s relocation is another essential consideration. Local moves within the same city or nearby areas are generally less expensive than long-distance moves across provinces or countries. The farther the piano needs to travel, the more resources and logistics will be involved, leading to increased moving costs.

Location and Accessibility

The origin and destination location can significantly impact the cost of moving a piano. If the current or new location is remote or challenging, movers may face additional obstacles, such as narrow hallways, steep staircases, or challenging driveways. Such factors may necessitate specialized equipment and extra labour, leading to higher moving costs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to disassemble the piano before moving it, especially for grand pianos. Disassembling a piano requires expertise and precision to ensure the delicate components remain intact during transit. Once at the destination, the piano must be carefully reassembled. These additional services can contribute to the overall moving costs.

Insurance Coverage

Pianos are valuable and delicate instruments, and accidents can happen during the moving process. Reputable piano movers typically offer insurance coverage to protect against any potential damages that may occur during transit. The insurance cost will vary depending on the value of the piano and the level of coverage chosen. Discussing insurance options with the moving company to ensure the piano is adequately protected is essential.

If your piano is exceptionally valuable, it will likely need a valuation done by a qualified appraiser. This will protect you in case of damage and help the moving company access the level of insurance required. This valuation is an additional cost but incredibly important when moving antique or unique pianos. In some cases, you may be required to carry extra insurance to ensure coverage in case of disaster.

Specialized Equipment

Moving a piano requires specialized equipment to ensure its safe transport. Professional piano movers in Edmonton will have the tools to handle the delicate instrument properly, such as dollies, skids, ramps, and straps. The cost of using these specialized tools and equipment will be factored into the overall moving cost. You may also require custom crating to protect delicate pieces during transport, impacting the final price.

Additional Services

Beyond the basic piano moving service, you may need additional assistance to facilitate the move. For example, if the piano needs to be temporarily stored, there will be storage fees. If the piano requires tuning after the move, you will need to budget for the services of a piano tuner. These supplementary services can add to the overall cost of moving the piano.

Time Constraints

Sometimes, clients may require expedited piano moving services to meet specific deadlines. Moving companies may charge premium rates for rush jobs or last-minute bookings, so planning the piano move well in advance is best. In case of a last-minute move, make sure to do your due diligence and trust only professional movers with your delicate and expensive piano!

The Final Cost

It’s impossible to give a blanket cost for moving a piano due to all the intricate details involved. To get an accurate price, reach out to Edmonton piano movers, who will make a quote based on your exact circumstance – meaning no surprises, and quality, professional service.

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