An office move is a good thing in the business world. Usually a sign of growth and uprising, it’s something to be celebrated. But despite the cheer, it’s also a huge undertaking that requires some serious preparation. The blog will focus on how to best prepare your employees for an office move, to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch with your office movers.

Tell Your Employees Early

An office move is a big process and can pose certain challenges for employees. Some will have to rethink commutes and childcare, and it’s best to give them ample time to plan. Begin to let employees know when the plans of an office move have been decided. Everyone will appreciate the heads up, and it’s best to avoid catching people off guard at the last minute.

Write An Office Relocation Announcement

Once you’ve officially found a new office, and are ready to go ahead with the move, it’s best practice to send out an office-wide relocation announcement. This should contain important information about the move including the location of the new office, and any important dates.

Now is also a good time to release a public announcement about the move, especially if you entertain lots of clients at your current location. Ask your employees to spread the news to their clients and customers.

Show Employees the New Office

Bring key employees and essential managers to the new office space to gauge their thoughts and concerns. Not only will this help reduce their anxieties about the move, but it will help air out any potential issues before the actual move. Employees will have different perspectives to share and can be helpful in planning the layout and design of the new space.

Compensate Employees For the Inconvenience

If your employees work on a commission-based model, or will be losing valuable time to the move, ensure you compensate them appropriately. The process can be stressful and inconvenient, but proper compensation will show good faith to your employees, and promote a positive and considerate workplace.

Celebrate the Successful Move

Now that the office movers have done the heavy lifting, and everyone has settled in, it’s time to celebrate! Consider throwing an office party, or bringing in a catered lunch as a “thank you” to your employees for their help in the moving process. This will create a positive memory in the new space, and set a good tone for future work to come.

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