Just like cooking a thanksgiving dinner, an office move requires specific touches and certain ingredients for things to go smoothly. This blog will go over some of the recommended office supplies you might need when executing a Calgary office move.

Boxes of All Sizes

This is basic, but important to note. Grab boxes of all sizes for packing up office items like books, stationary, and decorations. Mirror boxes are good to grab for artwork or office mirrors, and you might want some TV boxes if you have display TVs around the office.

Permanent Markers

Keeping everything organized and clearly labelled will make the moving process easier and much more manageable. Knowing what is in each box when you get to the new space will help the division of boxes into separate offices that much easier.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

It’s important to keep boxes filled so nothing has a chance to slide around and break. Wrap glass and breakables in bubble wrap, and use packing paper to wrap less delicate items, as well as to fill any gaps in boxes.

Furniture Dollies

Grabbing some furniture dollies will help with moving large, heavy furniture, as well as quickly moving a large number of boxes. Most office movers in Calgary will have dollies on-hand.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are great for protecting large pieces of furniture from scratches and dings. They add a soft layer between sharp corners and walls, helping keep everything intact as you navigate corners and doorways. They also help keep furniture secure once it’s loaded into the truck.

Rug Runners

These will protect the floor from mud, shoes, and furniture. They will have an anti-slip bottom so they stay in place and don’t get yanked around by the heavy traffic involved in a move.

Extra Storage or Hard Drives

While your Calgary office movers handle the heavy lifting, make sure your company is protected in case of accidental damage to any computers or electronic equipment. Make sure all important files are backed up on extra storage or hard drive unit, and keep them in a safe place. Make sure IT has everything properly prepared before disconnecting computers and moving them to your new space.

Energizing Snacks

Moving is a lot of work, and a yummy snack is a great way to boost morale and keep spirits high during the move.

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