Starting your university career is not only super exciting, but it can oftentimes be filled with a long to-do list. You may be moving across the country to your university’s student housing or a nearby apartment. Regardless of your situation, this blog will provide tips on how to successfully move into university and how Calgary local movers can help.

Confirm Living Arrangements

If you are moving into student housing, your university will likely provide you with information on what residences are available and all the items included in your room. If you are renting an apartment or place off campus, you should start to look a month or two before classes start and determine if there is public transit close to your place and how long the commute will be to and from campus.

Decide What To Move

Your living arrangement will determine what items your Calgary movers will need to help move you into university with. In student housing, rooms are typically furnished with a bed, desk and some kitchen appliances. So you’ll need to bring your own bedding, dishes, utensils, food, clothing and toiletries. If you are moving to an apartment or house off campus, what you move will depend on whether your place is furnished or not.

Shop for New Items

Once you’ve confirmed your living arrangements and what you will be moving, you will want to make a list of items you will need to purchase. To save on costs, it is recommended to check out your local Facebook Marketplace for items like kitchen plates and bowls, desks, office chairs, bed frames etc. Since you will only be needing these items for a short period of time, you can typically find quality items for a fraction of the price.

Start Packing

After you’ve acquired and gathered all the items you will need for your move to university, you will want to start packing. To ensure your items make it to your new home safely, it is recommended to use either Rubbermaid totes, suitcases or moving boxes. With totes and suitcases, you can use them as storage in your new place, and with boxes you can easily recycle them or post them online for free after your move.

Arrange A Local Mover

Hiring a professional local mover in Calgary is recommended when you have any large bulky items like beds, desks, chairs, heavy boxes and more. If you are moving from another country or province, a professional mover can load and deliver your items right to your university. It is recommended to do your research when hiring a local mover by checking out the Canadian Association of Movers and Better Business Bureau.

Move Yourself

If hiring a mover is not in your budget, or you aren’t moving that much stuff, you can always move yourself into university. Keep in mind that there is typically a small window in which you can move yourself into student residence. If you are moving off-campus, you will need to discuss your move in options with your landlord.

Getting Settled

After you have moved into your new place, you will need to unpack and get organized. During the first week of university, there are typically welcome weeks throughout campus where you can meet new people and join various student clubs and organizations.

Looking for a Calgary Mover?

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