If you’re moving on your own for the first time, or even moving for the first time in a long time, estimating the amount of packing supplies you need can be a confusing game. This blog will help to give you a good idea how to estimate the packing supplies you need to buy for your house move in Edmonton.

Basic Supplies

  • 2 cube (small), 4 cube (medium), and 5 cube (large) boxes.
  • China barrels and mirror cartons (of various sizes).
  • TV boxes.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Tape and tape dispenser.
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper and packing peanuts.
  • A few markers.
  • Mattress bags.

An Average Estimate By Room

As a very basic estimate, you will need 4-10 small boxes for EVERY room in the house, 2-4 medium boxes per room, and 1-2 large boxes. Toss in 3-12 china barrels for the kitchen or dining room depending on the amount of dishware you have. Add in mirror cartons, TV boxes, and wardrobe boxes based on what you have, and you should have a very rough estimate. Use our tips and tricks at the end of this blog to refine your rough number more specifically.

An Average 3 Bedroom, 4 Person House

To pack an average, 3 bedroom house, decorated modestly and packed averagely, you will need the following materials:

  • 40 small boxes.
  • 45 medium boxes.
  • 35 large boxes.
  • 15 china cartons.
  • 10 mirror cartons (of various sizes).
  • 10 wardrobe cartons.
  • 3 TV boxes.
  • 15 pounds of packing paper.
  • 90 feet of bubble wrap.

Matco’s Quick Tips and Tricks

  • One wardrobe carton will fit approximately one arms length of hanging clothes.
  • A 4 cube (medium) box will fit approximately 3 drawers of clothes, or one large cupboard of items.
  • Toiletries, bedside knicknacks, and small decorations are best suited to 2 cube (small) boxes.
  • Books should be packed into 2 cube (small) boxes due to their weight, and a few regular shelves will typically fit into one box.
  • A typical bed’s worth of bedding will fit into one 5 cube (large) box. Add another box for excessive pillows or bed decor.
  • Dishes and fine china need to be well wrapped to prevent breakage during transit, and will take up more space than you expect. Overestimate the amount of boxes you think you will need. One china barrel can snuggly fit about 10 pounds of china.
  • You will never go wrong with over wrapping your items – don’t be shy to use up your tape and bubble wrap, especially for easily breakable pieces.
  • Make sure to account for attics, basements, and garages. There can be lots of hidden items in these spaces, and it’s important to consider them in the final count (an open space basement and garage will have more than the standard box estimate, prepare accordingly).
  • Edmonton house movers know best. When in doubt, hire the professionals to do the best job, and save yourself time and stress in the process.

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