Chances are, in some way, you have been involved in a move before. If you’re reading this article, there’s also a high chance that you’ve been tasked with hiring moving services in Edmonton for an upcoming corporate relocation. It can seem confusing, and it’s definitely different from a home move; that’s why this blog will outline all the services you’ll need for a corporate move.

When you book a corporate relocation, you’ll be assigned a moving coordinator by your chosen moving company. They will be your point man for handling all your moving questions and concerns. If you have any questions, or inquiries, or need additional moving services in Edmonton, contact them to get knowledgeable and specific answers.

Moving Services in Edmonton

The most basic service a moving company provides is physically moving your items. This means coming into the office, picking up your goods, loading them into the truck, delivering them to the destination, and unloading. Most moving companies work on a per-weight basis, meaning that they weigh all your items and your final charge is based on the weight.

Edmonton moving services may charge a premium depending on your location; additional charges can be added on for stair carrying, street parking, or needing a smaller vehicle to get to pickup or dropoff locations. When you do your consultation with a moving consultant, they will create an estimate for you taking into account all your items, your location, and your desired dates. Everything will be in an itemized list so you can see the specific charge for every component.

They will also add on the cost for optional (but recommended) services such as packing or furniture assembly. Remember, the primary consideration for corporate relocations is time; drawing a move out or working inefficiently will result in a direct hit to profits and productivity. Hiring experienced Edmonton movers is the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly and quickly.

Packing for a Corporate Relocation

Packing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a move. Professional movers are trained in packing things quickly, and safely. Packing a box is an art; you don’t want anything inside to break, and you also don’t want to overuse materials unnecessarily. By hiring movers to pack for your corporate relocation, you can save your employees precious time, while also ensuring that everything arrives at your new office safe and sound.


Unpacking is just that; removing everything from their boxes, in their appropriate location. This means you don’t have to deal with the mess of leftover packing materials, and your employees can get straight to work in the new location.

Furniture Assembly

Some Edmonton moving services will offer furniture assembly as part of the moving process. Above and beyond the typical breakdown and reassembly of desks and cabinets, certain companies are willing to build your new office furniture. This means that you can come into a fully assembled office, not having to worry about the headache of assembling that massive new filing cabinet.


If your corporate relocation will have a time delay, due to either construction or leasing schedules, you’ll likely need to look at storage options. Moving services in Edmonton offer convenient and safe storage solutions; once they pick your items up, they’ll be delivered directly into their climate-controlled and secure storage facilities. When your new space is ready for furniture and equipment, the items will be delivered directly there.

This helps you cut out the middle man, and ensures that the chain of custody over your items is clear. Additionally, getting storage directly from your moving services provider often means lower fees and a more cost-effective move; a win-win for you!


Above and beyond your basic office insurance, moving requires a special valuation to ensure you’re covered in case of an accident or loss. Ask your commercial broker what you’re covered for in the case of a move, and ask your moving consultant about the protection plans they offer. Covering your bases is important in the unlikely case that something goes awry with your move.

Corporate Moving Services in Edmonton

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