Buying gifts, planning for year end, and trying to find time for all the inevitable holiday parties – the holidays are stressful as is, and now your company wants a holiday office move? Don’t worry! There are actually some benefits to a holiday office move, and in this blog, we share our best tips for a smooth move this holiday season with Edmonton office movers.

Benefits of Moving During the Christmas Holidays

The holiday season nicely coincides with a slow time of year in most businesses. Lots of employees take time off to spend with family and friends, and others find themselves doing busy work just to stay moving. This means that your office will be emptier than usual, and there won’t be too much important work going on. Your productivity won’t take a major hit, and your employees won’t be bothered by the hustle and bustle of packing and moving. As a bonus, when everyone returns in the new year, they are able to immediately settle into the new space, with the old office a distant memory.

Recommended Tips for Your Office Move

1. Hire Professional Office Movers

The most important part of planning a successful move is hiring trusted and reliable office movers. An office move has lots of moving parts, and is very different from your standard home move. There’s bigger furniture, tricky office layouts, and a high likelihood of moving sensitive documents and information. You want to ensure that nothing gets lost or damaged, and that your important documents are in trustworthy hands. Check out some of our other blogs for tips on hiring the best office movers!

2. Move in the Middle of the Week

A midweek move, especially one earlier in the day, is the best way to save time and money on your office move. Moving midweek is the least expensive time, since many people prefer scheduling moves over the weekend. There’s also the added benefit of skipping rush hour traffic, on the roads and in your office building.

3. Factor in Delays

As with any move, it’s smart to consider all the possible delays that could hold up your move. Will there be traffic? Do you need to cross any major highways (that could be plagued with winter accidents)? Will there be any issues connecting/disconnecting appliances and machines? All these possibilities can factor into moving delays, and creating a game plan ahead of time can save you lots of stress the day of. Ask your Edmonton office movers if they have any tips for avoiding delays before they happen.

4. Organize Ahead of Time

The best way to prepare for a holiday move is to plan things well ahead of time. Set up an office moving team to coordinate the move within your office and with your Edmonton office movers. Notify office staff of the move in advance, and give them time to pack up their smaller belongings before the movers arrive. Take time to organize the whole office, and take note of what you will and wont bring to the new space.

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