If you’ve never moved before, or you’ve only moved locally, you might not know how to go about booking a long distance move with professional moving companies. This blog will highlight 5 steps to make booking your long distance move in Calgary a complete breeze.

1. Research Long Distance Moving Companies

Take the time to research and compare all the long distance moving companies in Calgary. Make sure you differentiate between local and long distance movers, as their services will vary, and local movers will likely not be equipped to handle a longer move. Look at online reviews and ask around for personal experiences. Your family and friends may be able to recommend a trusted company, or local community boards may have insight into the best in your area.

Make sure the Calgary long distance companies you look into have valid insurance, and are registered with industry bodies or regulators. Check and see how long the company has been in business, and if they have any complaints with the BBB. Remember to trust your gut, and ignore deals that seem too good to be true.

2. Complete a Home Survey

Most long distance moving companies base their quotes on weight, and this weight is most commonly calculated by completing a home survey. Whether virtual or in person, a moving coordinator will walk through your house with you, noting down everything you own from your couch to the clothes in your closet. A computer system then estimates the weight of each piece based on industry standards to come up with your total weight. This is the weight that your estimate will be based on (and remember that most companies aim for your estimate to be slightly higher than the actual weight to prevent unwanted surprises).

3. Compare Moving Quotes

After completing your home survey, compare your moving quotes from various Calgary long distance moving companies. Note what services are and aren’t included in each move, whether that be packing, unpacking, packing materials, or more. Note the tariffs and fees provided by these companies, and check that no one is too far from average (they may be scammers or offer bad services). Remember that these people will be handling everything you own, and it’s best left in safe hands.

4. Decide on Insurance

Most long distance moving companies in Calgary offer a few types of moving coverage. Released Value Protection is your basic moving insurance (think PLPD for your car). You have to have it, and there is no “opt-out” when hiring a long distance moving company. Released value protection limits the movers liability to $0.60/ pound. For example, if a 10lb box is damaged beyond repair, your cash settlement would be equal to $0.60 X 10 = $6.00, regardless of the true value of the box.

Upgraded insurance is called Replacement Value Protection; this means that if your items are damaged beyond repair, they will be replaced at today’s market price (so your $300.00 artwork will be replaced at the same value).

Decide on the right insurance for your needs based on the value of your household items and your willingness to replace damaged items.

5. Book Your Long Distance Move from Calgary

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’re ready to book your move. Contact your moving consultant to move ahead with putting down a deposit and start planning for your long distance move!

Looking For a Calgary Long Distance Moving Company?

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