A piano is one of those household staples that also holds great sentimental value. Before you decide to move a piano on your own, consider its value, both monetary and sentimental; would you be okay with losing or damaging it?

You can easily ensure that the piano arrives safe and sound to your new home by hiring reputable Edmonton local movers who have the tools and skills to get the job done right. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a local mover that knows how to handle these large and delicate instruments.

Avoid Damaging The Instrument

As a piano owner, your piano is more than just a piece of heavy furniture. A piano is a precision musical instrument with over 1000 moving parts and 200 finely tuned strings, any of which can be damaged and require repair if the piano is not moved properly. Often when people try to move a piano themselves, they end up breaking the piano legs, strings, or pins. Leave it to the professional local movers who have the knowledge to disassemble and reassemble a piano with ease, if required. Piano movers in Edmonton will properly pack the instrument so it does not get scratched or damaged during the move, and so that it won’t bang up the walls and floor around it.

Avoid Personal Injury

Pianos are heavy instruments that can weigh over 1,000 pounds. The safest way to move a piano, for you and the instrument, is to hire Edmonton local movers. Our Matco local movers have the right techniques and equipment to move a piano without causing bodily harm. This will keep you safe, and reduce your stress and headache.

The Right Equipment To Keep Your Piano Safe

Reliable professional local movers with experience moving pianos have the right trucks, blankets, straps, dollys, and padding to keep the piano secure to avoid any damage. Having the right equipment is critical to a successful move. A piano’s weight and size make it hard to maneuver in and out of buildings, especially in apartments with stairs and no service elevator. Once you have the piano out of the building, if you do not properly secure the piano in the truck or van, it can move throughout the trip and result in damage. The right equipment is costly, and frankly, incredibly niche. Local movers in Edmonton have the right tools on hand, allowing you to keep your move light and your storage room clear.

Looking For Local Piano Movers in Edmonton?

Matco’s local movers in Edmonton have the knowledge, experience and equipment to move you to any location within the GTA. No matter the location, time of year, weather or traffic, no one knows how to move within Edmonton like Matco does.

Contact us today for a free local moving quote and to learn how Matco can help you with your next move.

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