Moving is one of the most important (and stressful) life events your family will ever go through. There are many details to be arranged, lots of moving parts, and it’s tricky trying to find the perfect moving company to help you through it. Hiring local movers has many advantages, and it’s the best option to ensure your local move goes smoothly.

Knowledge of Local Neighborhoods

Edmonton and Waterloo local movers not only work but live in your community. They know every bump and pothole in the area, and the best and quickest ways around town. Local movers know the best routes to keep your belongings safe in the truck. Knowing which roads and neighborhoods are likely to have traffic or accidents means they can also avoid delays, and keep your move on schedule.

In-Home Moving Estimates

A big advantage of hiring Edmonton local movers is that they can provide an easy and detailed in-home moving survey. This survey will be used to accurately estimate the cost of your move, preventing any surprises down the line. During a walk-through of your house, your moving consultant will note everything you own and formulate the time and men needed to service your move. While virtual estimates can be great, they simply don’t beat the detail and attention given during an in-home estimate.

Knowledge of Local Bylaws, Rules & Regulations

Different cities have different bylaws on all sorts of things you might never think of – moving days, noise limits, and truck sizes to name a few. Local movers will know exactly what equipment they can or can’t use at different sites, and when they can service your move. Having worked in Edmonton extensively, they’ll know their way around all the condo and apartment buildings, saving you headaches and time. Even being familiar with building managers will work in your favour, especially when it means first dibs at the elevator during busier moving times!

Dedicated and Genuine Moving Services

Hiring a big-name brand moving company may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that these corporate conglomerates just don’t know or care like your local movers will. Unless the big name has been operating in your area for a number of years, chances are that they don’t know the area anywhere near as well as a local provider.

On top of not being as knowledgeable, corporate giants won’t have the same care and concern as your community movers. Living and working in the area means that local Edmonton movers genuinely care about you and your move. Your support for local movers not only fuels the local economy, but helps another local family keep the lights on.

Looking For Local Movers? Partner with Matco Edmonton

Moving can be a breeze when you partner with professionals. Matco Moving Solutions has been providing moving and storage services in Edmonton and across Canada for over 55 years.

Looking for help with your upcoming move? Contact our Edmonton local movers today for a free moving quote.

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