The house is sold and your new home awaits. Moving can be both an exciting and stressful time. Whether you’re down the street, across the province, or overseas, there are many important things to do before the big day. That’s where a professional moving company can be a big help; leave the planning, packing, and heavy lifting to the experts.

Not sold on the idea of hiring a professional moving company? Consider some of the key benefits of using Edmonton moving services:

Peace of Mind

Moving takes a lot of planning and preparation. Moving consultants can help you organize your entire move from start to finish, ensuring nothing is missed, and taking some stress off your shoulders. This leaves you with more time for other important moving day tasks such as redirecting mail, cancelling cable services, and holding a garage sale (don’t forget to unwind there too!). Your moving consultant can also provide you with a moving checklist to make sure you’re not missing any pre-move to-do items.

On top of reducing moving day stress, hiring professional Edmonton moving services means you’re covered in case of accident or disaster. When moving on your own, you’re not protected if items are damaged along the way. Hiring moving services gets your valuables and belongings insured and protected; ask your moving consultant about the different protection plans available for your move.

Besides offering “uh-oh” protection, our Edmonton movers are expertly trained in packing and moving – meaning that your goods are packed effectively and safely, greatly reducing the risk of any damage along the way.

The Right Equipment For the Job

Renting a moving van can be costly, especially if you have too many belongings for standard trucks. Making several trips can be a waste of time, money, and gas. Moving companies have the right resources at their disposal, meaning your 3 trips can be consolidated into one easy drive. Edmonton movers have different options for different sized jobs – it doesn’t matter whether you’re moving a one-bedroom condo or five-bedroom house and shop, we have a truck for you.

Hiring moving services also means having the right tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture, as well as dollies and other devices to transport large items. Other supplies like boxes, packing materials, and furniture pads are provided when you hire professional Edmonton movers.

Injury Prevention

Prevent injury to yourself and to those helping you move by removing the risk in the first place. Professional movers are trained to lift and load things in a way that prevents strain and injury. They also reduce the risk of damage to your personal belongings with their knowledge of the proper techniques to lift heavy furniture and boxes. They are experts in securely packing fragile items such as electronics, china and glassware. Edmonton professional movers will pack the truck with ease, optimizing space and making sure boxes are safely stacked on top of each other. Experienced movers are fast, organized and safe, meaning that everyone gets to go home at the end of the moving day.

Manpower Guaranteed

It’s not always easy to convince family and friends to block off a day or two to help you move (despite all the pizza and beer you might promise). Edmonton moving service companies are properly staffed to send the right number of people to quickly and efficiently move homes of any size. Booking your move ahead of time guarantees that you will get your belongings moved on the day of your choice, making the process as easy and convenient as possible.

Looking For Professional Edmonton Moving Services?

Matco Moving Solutions can help you with your locallong-distance or international move. We are a full-service moving company that is dedicated to delivering a stress-free and positive moving experience. We have locations in Toronto, Kitchener, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Inuvik and over 55 years of moving experience and expertise.

Contact us today for a free moving quote and to learn how our professional moving services in Edmonton can help you with your next move.

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