Moving can be a stressful time for everyone in the family, including our furry friends. Pets, like many people, don’t always adapt well to change. You want to make their moving experience just as stress-free as your own. Matco’s Calgary home movers provide several ways to make moving with your four-legged friend a great experience for all.

Pre-Move Preparation For Your Pets

Update Identification Tags

Make sure pets are fitted with collars and ID tags before your move. Microchipping is recommended as a backup if the collar is lost, just be sure to update their tags and/or microchip information to your new home address and phone number. Unfortunately, a pet going missing during a move is not an uncommon story; in the event your pet gets lost, being proactive can increase the chances they get returned safely.

Make A Visit To The Veterinarian

Visit your vet a few weeks prior to moving and get any necessary medications or vaccinations (especially if you’re moving out of the country or taking a long journey). Ask your vet if they can recommend a veterinarian in your new city, and see if they can transfer your pet’s records. If you’re traveling to a new country, find out if you have all of the proper paperwork and get a copy of your pet’s records just in case. If you aren’t sure what restrictions may apply to your pet (especially for exotic animals), check with your home moving coordinator for information and tips.

Moving Day Tips For Your Pets

Keep Pets Out Of The Way On Moving Day

On moving day, it’s best if you can leave your pet with a neighbor or friend until it’s time to leave. If that is not possible, then remove them from all of the action by putting them in an empty room with their bed or travel kennel and some toys. Your pet will feel much more secure in a quiet space that is familiar and not filled with strange people and things. Check on them regularly and try to feed them and walk them at the time you usually would, keeping a routine is great for reducing stress and anxiety (for you and your pet)! Your home movers will appreciate not having to worry about stepping on Fido’s toes.

Plan Breaks During The Trip

For long-distance moves from Calgary, plan your trip out beforehand and schedule regular stops at parks and rest areas so your pet can stretch their legs and take bathroom breaks. This will also help reduce their stress, making the trip more enjoyable for all. If you are staying overnight, make reservations at pet-friendly hotels. There are many hotels that accept pets across North America – you can check out for pet-friendly hotels in Canada.

Safe Travel Accommodations

When traveling by car, transport cats, small dogs, and other small pets in a secure, well-ventilated pet carrier. Larger dogs can be moved in a larger kennel in the back seat of the car. Never move pets in an open truck bed, the trunk of a car, or in a moving trailer (we don’t want to hurt your pets, and moving companies won’t transport animals).

Air travel can be especially stressful for animals, but sometimes can’t be avoided if moving long distances. If you are moving internationally or across the country, we suggest using a pet relocation company. Ask your Calgary home movers if they can help in making the arrangements.

Help Make Them Feel At Home

A good way to get your pet settled into the new home is to have familiar items such as their favourite toys, blanket, and bed set up as much as you can before moving in the pet. You may want to confine cats to a section of the house or a couple of rooms for the first few days. Dogs like to explore and get used to the new smells of the house. Take dogs out for a walk in the new neighbourhood; try to locate dog parks and trails before moving so you have an idea of where to go. Remember to give them plenty of attention and soon the new house will feel like home to them too.

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