So it’s official, you’re taking the leap and moving, whether it be for work, personal reasons, or others. Now you’re faced with the task of packing up your life and actually getting it moved. This task can often feel momentous, where do you even start? In this blog, Matco Calgary Movers share a timeline and tips for packing for your move.

Time It Out

Staring packing in the face with no plan or timeline can feel intimidating and overwhelming. The best way to overcome this is to develop a well-thought-out game plan that breaks everything down. Below our Calgary movers have a general timeline to follow to ensure you aren’t scrambling the days leading up to your move.

6-8 Weeks Before Your Move: Clean, clean, clean! Start the process of feeling refreshed by giving your house a brief cleaning. As you clean, begin to sort out any clutter or junk. Decide what you’re planning on taking with you, and make a mental note (or physical list) of any items you plan to sell or donate.

5 Weeks Before Your Move: Remember those items you decided to get rid of? Now is the time to actually let them go. Sell your unwanted belongings and donate anything you might not need to sell.

4 Weeks Before Your Move: This is the time to decide and book your moving services. Will you do the move yourself, or will you hire a company like Matco Calgary Movers to do the heavy lifting? Some considerations to keep in mind are your time, money, and expertise, as well as the distance of your move. Remember that a long-distance move cross country move is a whole different game than a local move across town, and should be handled accordingly.

2-3 Weeks Before Your Move: Start to pack! If you’ve decided to handle packing yourself (or just want to get a head start for your Calgary movers) now is the time to start boxing everything up. Begin by gathering packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Start with items you don’t reach for every day (think bookcases, bonus rooms, etc), and leave the more important items for closer to the move. Pack your items by room, and clearly label boxes so the unpack is simple and uncomplicated.

1 Week Before Your Move: This is the home stretch. With most of your items already packed, now all you have to focus on is the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Pack items that get used daily separately so they’re easy to access when you need them. Gather important documents and keep them with you, ensuring they don’t get lost in the process of loading and unloading.

The Great Unpack

Congrats! You’ve made it to your new home and you’re ready to start making memories, but not so fast. First, you have to tackle unpacking. As a general rule, it’s best to go in reverse order of packing. Start with bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Unpack your daily boxes, and as you get settled tackle the less used items. As tempting as it is to start decorating right away, having a bed to sleep in is almost always more important. Consider contracting your Calgay movers to unpack for you, once again saving your precious time and hassle.

A Few More Tips…

Now that you have your timeline figured out, and an idea of how to unpack, Matco Calgary Movers will leave you with a few more tips:

Tip #1: When in doubt, overwrap. It might seem like you’re being overcautious, but thoroughly wrapping breakables will prevent damage and protect your important items.

Tip#2: Give yourself enough time! The above guide is a general idea, if you have a large family, lots of items, or just move a little slower, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack- you won’t regret having it done early.

Tip#3: Invest in quality moving supplies and materials. The last thing you want is boxes that fall apart and bubble wrap that doesn’t support your items. You’re essentially moving everything you own, it’s worth investing in the right supplies.

Looking For Help Packing For Your Upcoming Move?

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