Restaurant Moving, which is a form of hospitality moving, is highly specialized and has many moving parts including purchasing, logistics, inventory management, storage, delivery and installation and unboxing. This blog will outline the various services that can be provided during a restaurant move and how Matco’s restaurant movers can help!

Budget Quotes

All professional restaurant movers will be able to provide you with a budget quote. When you meet with your moving specialist, you should go over your plan for your move or renovation and what services you are looking for. From here they should be able to provide you with a budget quote to give you an idea of the cost.

Logistics & Transportation

If you are moving your restaurant to a new location, or are reopening after a renovation, you will likely have a designer or purchasing agent order and ship FF&E (furniture, fixtures & effects). Restaurant movers like Matco Moving Solutions have a network of transportation providers like Manitoulin Transport which can transport shipments right across North America.

Secure Storage

Logistics and timing of shipments will be a big part of your restaurant move. You will likely need to find a warehouse to consolidate the items so they can be delivered all at once or in stages. It’s not recommended to have certain items like furniture, cookware and dishes delivered to your site until they are needed to avoid finding storage, potential theft and damage occurring.

Inventory Management

Restaurant movers should have an inventory management system to keep track of inventory going in and out of the warehouse. By having this reporting system, you will be able to keep track of your inventory.

Local Delivery

As mentioned above, you will likely need certain items before others. For example, you might need your furniture, shelving and kitchen equipment (FF&E) delivered and installed before you are ready to receive your operating supplies and equipment (OS&E). Restaurant movers can work with you to ensure items are delivered according to schedule.

Installation Services

Sometimes the furniture you ordered will come assembled, but the majority of the time, furniture, fixtures and effects (ff&e) will require some sort of assembly and installation. Restaurant movers like Matco offer a variety of installation services, including furniture, art, electrical, unboxing, assembly and garbage/debris removal.

Looking For Restaurant Movers Before Your Grand Opening?

Matco Moving Solutions can help you with your restaurant move. We are a full-service moving company that is dedicated to delivering a stress-free and positive moving experience. We have locations in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Inuvik and over 55 years of moving experience and expertise.


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