Not all moves will get several months of planning and coordination. Sometimes, moves can happen at the very last minute. Maybe you got a new job and need to relocate, or your house sold quicker than you expected. Regardless of the reason, it can leave you scrambling to get packed, secure moving services, and travel to your new destination. In this blog, Matco’s Edmonton Movers will provide some tips to set your last-minute move up for success.

1. Make a Moving Checklist

You may be feeling rushed and overwhelmed with your last-minute move so we highly recommend making a moving checklist so you can get all of your tasks out of your head and onto paper in front of you. Check out Matco’s moving checklist so you don’t miss anything important!

2. Purchase an Assortment of Moving Supplies

If you are going to hire Edmonton movers to help with your last-minute move, reach out to your selected moving company to purchase high-quality moving supplies. Depending on your needs, you can purchase new or gently used cartons that are designed to withstand short and long distances.

Pro Tip: Pack heavy items in the smaller boxes and large lighter items in large boxes. Also, be sure to write the contents of the box on the top and front of the box. For more moving tips, follow us on Instagram.

3. Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

Before you dive into your moving supplies and get packing, take time to go through your belongings and decide what items to take with you, what to donate and what to sell. By creating these 3 piles, you will reduce the chance of moving items you no longer need and save money on your overall moving costs.

For more information on how to declutter before you move, check out our blog 5 Steps to Effectively Downsize Your Home When Moving.

4. Pack Your Essentials With You

Once you’ve decluttered and you’re about to start packing, be sure to set aside all the essentials you will need during the moving process. Passports, keys, medication, and paperwork should be located and put aside now so you aren’t rushing to find them after you have packed.

5. Start Packing

With a last-minute move, you may only have a couple of weeks or a few days to get everything packed. If you are really in a pinch for time, reach out to your moving company to see if they can provide you with a packing service. Most regular-sized homes can be packed up by professional movers in one day!

6. Consider Hiring Moving Services In Edmonton

Whether you are moving locally, across the country or internationally, hiring professional movers can really help with a last-minute move. Depending on the time of year, they may have availability.

Looking For Help With Your Last-Minute Move?

Matco Moving Solutions can help you with your last-minute move. We are a full-service moving company that is dedicated to delivering a stress-free and positive moving experience. We have locations in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Inuvik and over 55 years of moving experience and expertise.

Contact us today for a free quote on our moving services in Edmonton, and to learn how Matco can help you with your next move.