You’re all set for your upcoming move, you’ve found the new house, booked your moving company and picked a date. Now all that’s left to do is get packing. But what do you do when you come across that box of collectible records or that heirloom cabinet your great grandmother left you? In this blog, we’ll discuss how to keep your collectibles or antiques safe in transit and storage.

Take An Inventory

The first step of any move is knowing exactly what you have, and where you have it. Keep a list of all the collectible items you’re planning on moving. For valuable items, it doesn’t hurt to take a picture and note their condition. Doing this will ensure that any possible damage or loss from point A to B can be tracked down and appropriately taken care of. If you aren’t sure of the value of certain items, consider getting them appraised to find an appropriate valuation.

Also, ensure you’ve double-checked your insurance coverage. Be aware of what your policy covers, and what it does not. If the collectibles are not covered while in transit during the move, consider purchasing extra protection to protect against unexpected breakage or loss.

Purchase Specific Moving Supplies

Moving collectibles follows the same rules as moving other goods, with a few extra steps. Ensure all items are wrapped well, whether this is with paper, bubble wrap, or moving blankets. Extra delicate items should have extra padding and should be well labelled to prevent any rough handling.

For oddly shaped or bulky items, consider getting custom crating. Custom crates will be specifically designed for your item, and ensure that it doesn’t move or break during transit. Reach out to your moving and storage company for quotes on custom crates.

As a rule of thumb, items are best moved in their original packaging. This doesn’t only apply to your TV or computer, if you have the original packaging for your collectible, let your movers know and you can prevent the need for custom crating.

If your collectible items are larger, such as armoires or other larger furniture, ensure you inform your moving and storage specialist of this. They will communicate with the moving team and verify that these items are wrapped and secured with extra protection, preventing chips and dings that may come about during the move. For any particularly heavy pieces, they will also bring extra materials to move the item, making the process safer and easier for everyone involved.

Collectible Comic Books

Comic books should be packed in acid-free bags (to prevent ink transfer) and comic storage boxes. This will help the books maintain their shape and colour. Once each book is in its own bag and securely closed, pack all the bags into a comic storage box. If there is any leftover room in the box, fill it with packing peanuts, secure it with tape, and label it as fragile. These boxes shouldn’t have anything stacked on top of them due to their fragile nature.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are best packed in their original inner sleeves and jackets, and placed in specifically designed vinyl record storage boxes. If the records don’t have an inside sleeve, purchase acid-free inner sleeves to prevent scratching or sliding during the move.

Do not lay vinyl records flat when they are packed as this could break the records at the bottom of the pile. Also be aware of overheating. If subject to extreme heat, the vinyl can melt and warp. Inform your moving and storage company that you’re moving collectible vinyl and ask about climate-controlled options.

Wine Collections

Wine is a tricky collectible to move. The first step is checking that you are permitted to move the wine between provincial, state, or national borders. There also may be regulations about whether moving and storage companies are allowed to handle alcohol, so run this by your relocation specialist.

Wine bottles should be placed in wine shipping kits that have a separate space for each bottle.  Place these boxes on their sides so the cork remains wet during the move. It is essential that these bottles don’t get hot or cold while being moved or in storage. Consider moving these items yourself, or pick a moving and storage company that offers climate-controlled solutions.

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