Moving can sometimes be a hard adjustment for kids and families alike. By making the home moving process an interactive and engaging experience you can make it fun, exciting and memorable!

Let Your Kids Help Choose What to Keep, Sell or Donate

Allowing your children to make some decisions in the moving process will help them be more accepting of the move. Having a voice or being part of this decision-making process will make them feel included and heard. Ask them to choose which toys, clothes, books and games they would like to take with them, and which ones they would like to donate or sell.

Decorate Moving Boxes

Once your kids have packed up their belongings, let them choose a sharpie colour and decorate their moving boxes. They can draw pictures of the items in the box, label them with their name, or add some stickers.

Draw Out Their New Room

To get the kids excited about their new home, draw out the shape of their room and design where they would like to put their bed, furniture, pictures etc. Being visual will get them excited about their new home and reduce some of the nerves they may have with the move. Once you get to your new home, they can use the drawing to tell the movers where they would like their belongings in their new home.

Throw A Going Away Party

Days before you’re about to move, throw a small going away party for your family and friends. Here you can share memories in the home and plans for the future.

Create a Moving Playlist

Make up an upbeat moving playlist that you can put on when doing any moving-related activity like packing, driving, unpacking etc.

Make the First Night Special

When you finally make it to your new home and the movers have delivered all your furniture and boxes, make the first night feel like a camping trip and order some takeout!

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