Moving your home can be a daunting task. However, this gives you the opportunity to sort through all your stuff and evaluate the items you want to take with and items you no longer need.

Before you pack your first box, you’ll want to start putting aside items you won’t need at your new home. Here are 6 steps to help you start downsizing before moving.

Step #1 Put Aside Time & Make 3 Piles

We weren’t joking when we said moving from your home is a daunting task. Spending countless hours with your realtor, house or apartment hunting, signing paperwork and hiring the right home movers is a lot. You might be tempted to start putting everything in boxes, but before you do, we urge you to take some time to go through your stuff. Set aside some time in the evenings or weekends leading up to your move to start downsizing.

When you start, you should make 3 piles. One for “what to keep”, the other for “what to sell” and the last one for “what to donate”. Take the time to really ask yourself “Will I use this in my new home?” and then place it in the correct pile.

“When it comes to clothing, pull everything out of your closet and drawers at once. It’s a very eye-opening step in downsizing.”

Step #2 Take It One Room At A Time

Instead of rushing between rooms to find items for your 3 piles, work through the items by category or by room. You’ll end up spending less time going back and forth and by focusing on one thing, you’ll be more efficient and engaged in the process. When it comes to clothing, pull everything out of your closet and drawers at once. It’s easier to start downsizing when everything is in front of you, it will also allow you to see just how much stuff you have tucked away.

Step #3 Consider Your New Lifestyle

If you’re in the process of downsizing, you’re more than likely embarking on a new lifestyle. Moving can sometimes feel like a fresh start, or a revitalization. Embrace this when downsizing. If you used to host dinner parties with your friends and neighbors, but don’t see yourself doing this in your new home, you should probably let go of a majority of your entertaining items.

Step #4 Evaluate Your Furniture

Your furniture probably looks great in your current home, but you should consider how it will look in your new space. Moving to a new home means a new layout, with different sized rooms and shapes. Take some measurements and do some research ahead of time so you can make some thoughtful and informed decisions about selling, donating or moving your furniture to your new home.

Step #5 Develop a Plan and Timeline

If you plan on donating all of your items to a non profit organization like the Bissell Centre in Edmonton or the Mustard Seed in Calgary, you can skip this step and head straight to the donation/drop off centre. If you’re uncertain about what to do with your stuff, it’s a good idea to make a plan early on. Organizing a Garage Sale doesn’t happen overnight and selling items on Facebook Buy & Sell doesn’t guarantee your items will be sold by moving day.

Final Note: Continue Downsizing Even After Your Move

Chances are while you’re unpacking boxes in your new home, you’ll come across items you thought you needed, but no longer do. Have no fear! Downsizing should be an ongoing process that you embrace in your new lifestyle. Once you’re all settled in your new space, if there are any boxes you find that aren’t unpacked after a few weeks, they should probably be moved to the “sell” or “donate” pile.

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