Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage Solutions

Are you preparing to store any of your electronics, artwork, paper documents and/or furniture? If so, you require more than a basic storage space – you need our climate controlled storage in Alberta and the surrounding areas. Matco is known in the industry for taking care of our customer’s belongings, and to take it a step further, we provide our customers with the peace of mind of having their valuables stored in a facility that is designed to ensure the preservation of its natural condition and security. Our storage facility has the ability to prevent humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations from damaging your prized possessions. Our climate controlled storage spaces provide an extra level of protection for delicate items or those prone to the damaging effects of moisture.

At Matco we keep our forty thousand square foot warehouse at a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that your belongings are stored in a controlled environment where they will not be damaged. While there may be some temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons, we do our very best to maintain a constant temperature. Your belongings are stored in our wooden vaults, which are stored in the temperature controlled warehouse. We go to great lengths to ensure that our environment is monitored and kept at a constant temperature by applying heat in the winter months and cool air during the summer to maintain our temperatures. Our interior units are completely enclosed, helping to create a pest-free environment and give you a greater sense of security. We are committed to ensuring that your items are completely protected from the elements while in storage with Matco Moving Solutions.

The Importance of Climate Controlled Storage

When you put your belongings into storage, it’s important to account for moisture and how it reacts with different materials. Wood is an obvious example, as it can easily crack, warp, or rot when exposed to an abundance of humidity and moisture. But, there are many more objects and materials in danger of experiencing serious damage when left exposed to humidity, dust, and pesky pests. To protect your precious possessions, make sure you use climate controlled storage in Alberta for the following items:

  • Artwork
  • Wine
  • Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Photographs
  • Electronics
  • Wood or leather furniture
  • Personal documents
  • Family heirlooms
  • Musical instruments
  • Glass, leather, metal and plastic items

What Humidity Does to Your Belongings

Moisture and humidity affect your belongings differently. Here is what can happen to certain items if left to the mercy of moisture and humidity:

  • Wood furniture or instruments – When temperatures fluctuate, wood furniture and instruments contract and expand which can cause damage. If humidity levels aren’t between 30 to 50%, wood rot and mold can occur.
  • Electronics – Whether they’re computers, cameras, or speakers, keeping moisture and humidity in check keeps your electronics from corroding or growing mould. We recommend storing electronics between 50 to 80˚F or 30 – 60% relative humidity. It is also important to ensure the temperature is consistent and does not reach extreme cold or warm temperatures. It is also important to ensure temperatures are consistent and do not reach extreme cold or heat as electronic screens are prone to cracking when exposed to such variation.
  • Artwork – Like electronics, artwork can shrink and expand as temperatures fluctuate. Mould and mildew can grow if there is too much moisture in the air. Be sure to keep artwork stored between 60 to 75˚F with around 50% relative humidity.
  • Metals – Various metals will react to the level of moisture in a storage environment. For example, copper turns green, iron rusts, and silver blackens. Storing your metal belongings at around 35 to 75˚F and 35 to 55% relative humidity can keep them in good condition.
  • Vinyl records – If temperatures get too high, your vinyl records can warp and distort in shape making them impossible to play. When temperatures are too low, records can become brittle and break in half. Be sure to store your vinyl records at 65 to 70˚F and 45 to 60% relative humidity.
  • Wines – Wine is a difficult liquid to store which is why so many people opt for specifically designed wine cellars. But if you have to place your wine in storage, be sure it’s climate controlled at around 55 ˚F and between 50 to 80% relative humidity. If it gets too humid, the wine will age too quickly, but if the air is too dry, wine corks can dry out and crumble, compromising the seals on your bottles.

For more sensitive items, keeping the humidity around 55% is ideal. You can rest assured if you leave these items in a climate controlled Matco storage facility.

Matco Moving Solutions caters to residential and commercial clients who need long-term or short-term storage for their belongings. Our climate controlled storage in Alberta is available in Calgary and Edmonton. If you require bonded storage instead, we can also accommodate you. Contact us to find out which storage solution best meets your needs.

Climate Controlled Storage