A long distance move isn’t your typical, across-town move. This monumental task encompasses lots of planning, organization, and unfortunately stress. Hiring moving services in Edmonton is a great choice – but how do you choose the best company when there are so many around? This blog is all about choosing the best long distance moving company in Edmonton.

How Far Are You Moving?

The distance of your move should be considered when hiring moving services in Edmonton. Some moving companies may only offer services locally, within the province, or within a certain distance. It’s important to find a long-distance moving company that suits your needs and has experience going the distance needed.

Are You Moving Internationally?

International moving has different requirements than domestic moves, and not all moving companies will fit the bill. With different laws and regulations, be sure to pick an internationally certified long-distance moving company in Edmonton. You can find a list of reputable international moving companies through the International Association of Movers.

Do You Need Storage?

Are your items going to need to be placed in storage at any point? Not all companies offer this service, and not all companies have the same type of storage facilities. If you need climate controlled storage, or are storing valuable goods, you will want to make sure the moving company you choose is up to the task.

What Type Of Coverage Do You Need?

When moving your goods, a base level of coverage is automatically applied to your move. This is called released coverage and it only covers your items to a certain amount per pound. Inquire about extra coverage like Replacement Value Protection to ensure your items are fully protected in the case of damage or incident.

Is The Company Licensed?

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) ensures compliance with federal laws and being a member of CAM means your long-distance moving company is composed of industry professionals. A long-standing membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another indicator of a professional and reliable moving company.

Does The Company Have The Right Equipment?

Smaller regional moving companies may not have the right equipment for large, long-distance moves. Ensure the moving company you choose has the right tools for the job such as appropriately sized moving trucks, dollies, lifting straps, floor protection, etc.

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

A long-standing company is assumed to have strong knowledge and great service. Check the history of your long-distance moving company to make sure that they are established and qualified for the moving service job in Edmonton.

Does The Company Have Reliable Reviews?

Word of mouth is still a great indicator of a company’s reputation. Check online reviews, and local discussion boards to see other people’s experience with the company. Great reviews over a long period of time mean the company you’re choosing is likely an excellent choice- avoid companies with minimal online presence or lots of bad reviews.

Looking To Book Your Long-Distance Move In Edmonton?

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