Studying abroad is one of those experiences that will undoubtedly change your life – the new places and people will forever impact how you see the world around you. But before you can have these earth-shattering experiences, you need to get yourself and your belongings packed and moved. This blog will help outline the benefits and process of hiring a Calgary international moving company to move you abroad.

Reduce Moving Related Stress and Plan Ahead

Moving across the world, while exciting, is also a massive undertaking. The last thing you want is added stress. Calgary international moving companies can help you mitigate the challenges of moving abroad. They can help you with the whole process from planning and packing to moving and unpacking.

Your Calgary international moving coordinator will also be knowledgeable on the laws and regulations surrounding moving, helping you navigate any sticky spots you may run into. Our expert coordinators are armed with tips and tricks to make your move a breeze. They can prepare you with a moving timeline so that steps don’t get missed, and everything is handled in due process. Try to reach out to a moving company at least a few months before your move for the best and most stress-free process.

Pick your international moving company based on a combination of their expertise, reviews, and ability to suit your needs. Some companies in Calgary may not be suited for international moves, or may only specialize in large moves outside your price point. Make sure to get lots of quotes and shop around before committing. Read online reviews and ask your family and friends for any suggestions they may have.

Consider How Much You’re Moving (and for How Long)

Are you moving abroad for a semester or a whole degree? Are you planning on coming home, or will your new study spot become your permanent home? These are important questions to ask yourself when planning a study abroad trip. If you’re moving for only a few months, you probably won’t need much more than a few suitcases and boxes: it’s a totally different story if you never plan on coming back to Canada.

Once you’ve pinned down the answer to those questions, consider how much stuff you actually want and need to move. Remember that they have beds all across the world, and the cost of moving your heavy bedroom set might outweigh the value. Moving costs are most often based on weight and distance, and since the distance is nonnegotiable in an international move, reducing weight will be your best bet at reducing costs. Moving abroad is an expensive endeavour, try to pare down your belongings before you move, and only bring what you really need (this is a great time to donate old clothes or resell some furniture you can do without).

Don’t Forget About Paperwork

On top of your traditional insurance, healthcare, and personal paperwork, moving abroad means you have to deal with customs paperwork. Every country’s laws on what you can and can’t bring are different, and you’ll need to do your research before accidentally bringing something you can’t. Your moving coordinator will be essential in stopping these mistakes before they happen, and taking the burden off your shoulders. Your moving coordinator will also provide you with a list of all the items you’re moving, this will be very helpful (and oftentimes necessary) for getting through customs.

Some Calgary international moving companies will include the taxes and fees charged on your belongings in their moving quotes, and others won’t. Be sure to double-check if these fees will be covered beforehand, or if you will have to pay out of pocket to get your items through customs.

Looking For a Trusted Calgary International Moving Company?

Matco Moving Solutions can assist you with your international move. We are a full-service moving company with a location in Calgary that is dedicated to delivering a stress-free and positive moving experience.

Contact us today for a free moving quote and to learn how Matco can help you with your international move from Calgary.