The moving process is one of the most stressful times we all experience at least once in our lifetime. It can be the start of an exciting new adventure, while at the same time you may be facing uncomfortable change and uncertainty. Moving stress is the result of all these emotions happening at once. This blog will help you recognize symptoms of stress and anxiety when moving and provide ways to help manage them.

Why Is Moving So Stressful?

There is no one simple answer as to why moving is so stressful for people. Rather it’s a number of smaller things that add up together which makes it so stressful.

Change — Every move, big or small, short or long is a significant change in a person’s life. Change in your space, location, belongings, friends and family and your job are all factors that can change during a move.

Money — One of the biggest pains of moving is money. You cannot move your belongings by yourself so you will need some help whether that’s by hiring local Edmonton movers or renting a truck to do it yourself. All these moving costs can add up quickly.

Time — Moving takes an incredible amount of time and energy. Whether you have a local move down the block, a long distance move from one province to another, or an international move to another country, it takes a lot of time to get you and your belongings packed up, moved and transported to your new location.

Uncertainty — Anxiety often stems from a deep feeling of uncertainty for the future. During a move, you are often uncertain of what the future will look like after the move is complete.

Recognizing Moving Stress

Some levels of stress can actually be helpful. It can help us focus, meet deadlines and accomplish difficult tasks. On the other hand, stress can also spiral out of control. It’s important to recognize the symptoms of too much stress and when it’s time to step back and decompress.

Emotional Symptoms — If you are feeling stressed you may start to notice it in your emotions. The emotional stress of moving often feels like:

• Difficulty relaxing
• Overwhelmed by everything
• Quickly annoyed or feeling frustrated
• Wanting to avoid people or situations

Physical Symptoms — Stress not only affects our emotional wellbeing, but it also affects our physical wellbeing. The physical stress of moving often feels like:

• Aches and pains throughout your body
• Headaches
• Difficulty sleeping
• Low energy
• Prone to sickness

Cognitive Symptoms — Stress affects your body and mind and your ability to think clearly. Cognitive moving stress can lead to:

• Difficulty focusing on one thing
• Forgetfulness
• Excessive pessimism makes it hard to see positives
• Impaired judgement
• Excessive worrying

Behavioural Symptoms — When stress affects your body and mind it makes sense that excessive stress would start to manifest in your behaviour. You may start to notice the following:

• Avoiding duties and responsibilities
• Change in your eating habits (eating less or binge eating)
• Using alcohol or drugs more often than usual

How To Manage Moving Stress

When stress starts to become too much, it can negatively affect our mental and physical health. Below are some ways to manage stress while you’re moving.

  1. Start Early

Leaving packing, decluttering, hiring local Edmonton movers and cleaning will contribute to your stress. Some parts of your move like decluttering and packing can be done weeks or even months before you move. Some packing can be done slowly over the span of a few weeks or months which can leave only the essentials to be packed closer to your moving day.

  1. Declutter

Moving is an even longer process if we don’t take the time to start decluttering and organizing before starting the packing process. By decluttering your home long before moving day, you will feel a sense of control and confidence in the moving process.

  1. Make A Moving Checklist

A moving checklist can help bring some structure to the moving process. By breaking down your move into manageable steps, you can make the whole process more realistic and digestible. Nothing feels better than checking off all those moving tasks!

  1. Research Moving Services In Edmonton

Set time aside to research local or long distance movers as soon as you know you are moving. Research movers who offer a variety of moving services to meet your needs. Full service movers can supply moving boxes, materials, furniture pads and equipment so you don’t have to source this out yourself. Local movers will also load your belongings into the moving truck, transport them to your new location and set up any furniture items that need to be reassembled. There is no doubt that finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company will reduce the amount of stress you will experience during your move.

  1. Accept Help

Moving cannot be done without the help of friends and family. If you hire a professional local mover and you won’t need the help of your friends and family on move day. However, they can be helpful when it comes to packing, decluttering, or even taking a break to destress over a meal at your favourite Edmonton restaurant.

  1. Take Some Time For Yourself

Moving is a long and daunting process and it is ok to take breaks along the way. If you create a moving checklist, make sure to schedule some breaks throughout the days/weeks/months leading up to moving day. A break will help you clear your mind, gather your thoughts and make a plan for what’s ahead.

  1. Set Aside Time For Goodbyes

Goodbyes are a tough part of the moving process. Moving away from friends and family is always tough, sad and painful at times. Make sure you allow yourself the time to say goodbye to the people who mean so much to you. This could be throwing a farewell party or scheduling a lunch date with a dear friend. This will help you transition into your new life chapter and will reduce the stress and anxiety of moving.

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