Moving from one home to another may result in you requiring storage services. Your new home may be in the process of a renovation, you may be moving temporarily for work or study abroad or you may be combining households with a loved one. Depending on how long you will have items in storage will determine what items you should keep with you and which items you should place in storage.

Below is a guide on what items should be put in storage and some mistakes to avoid:


Furniture is the most common item put in both long term and temporary storage. Most furniture pieces are bulky in nature, and tend to take up a lot of space.

  • You may not have enough space in your new home for all the furniture you want to take with you.
  • Your current furniture might not match your home’s new layout or decor.
  • Some furniture you have might be redundant if your new home is fully or partially furnished.
  • You might have antique furniture passed down to you that you want to keep safe and secure.

Some common items you may want to put into storage:

  • Bed frames (disassembled)
  • Mattresses and box springs (sealed in mattress bags)
  • Tables & chairs (typically a dining set)
  • Patio furniture (usually stored away for the winter)

Seasonal Items

Season items such as clothes, shoes & accessories are one of the most common items people place in storage when moving because they typically don’t require them until next season. Another reason is if you’re moving abroad to a warmer destination, you will not likely need these items.

When moving your home, consider putting the following items into storage:

  • Clothes & Shoes
  • Seasonal Sports Equipment – such as skis, snowboards, toboggans, skates and other equipment.
  • Holiday decorations – Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other holiday items.

Large Household Appliances

Kitchen stoves, fridges, washing machines, dryers are bulky and heavy so you may not have room for them in your new home. If you are moving into temporary housing and you know you’ll be moving again soon, then it makes sense to look for moving and storage services for these items.

Another scenario where you may wish to store your large household appliances is if you’re moving into a new home with appliances already in the unit. To avoid duplication or going through the hassle of selling these items you might potentially need in the near future, you may want to put these appliances in storage.

Files, Documents & Books

You should always keep important documents with you wherever you end up moving to. Nothing is worse than realizing you need a birth certificate and having to go through your entire storage shipment. However, there are many documents and work files that are not as important, but you have to keep them for a certain period of time.

Some documents might include:

  • Receipts
  • Certain medical records
  • Financial documents
  • Employment records
  • Student records

Depending on how big or little your new home is, you should definitely have some books in it, at least your favourite ones. However, your new home may not have the room for your whole collection, so you might want to move a majority of your books into storage.

Collectables & Art Pieces

From all the items you could put into storage, collectors items, antique furniture and artwork are the most common items found in storage. Such a decision makes sense if you’re moving abroad, or renting a home that is fully or partially furnished. Chances are these items are valuable to you and you plan on keeping them for the long haul. When you’re inquiring about moving and storage services, make sure to consult about climate controlled storage solutions for these items to ensure they stay intact and safe from outdoor elements and changing temperatures.

Moving & Storage Services

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