2020 could be summed up in 3 words; pivot, adapt & repeat. Emphasis on repeat! In all seriousness, we’ve learned to transform our homes into functioning home offices/workspaces and more. Being halfway into the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are starting to pack up their homes and are moving somewhere new.

Due to the nature of the pandemic, many companies are embracing a hybrid workplace solution where staff can split their time between working at the office and working in the comfort of their own home. This shift is resulting in people moving further away from their office and into the spacious greenery of the suburbs.

Below, the home moving experts from Matco Moving Solutions will discuss some big and small considerations on whether now is the right time to move your home.

Your Old Home is Too Small

You may have committed to working from home part time, your family may be growing, or your pandemic puppy is getting bigger and is taking up more space! Regardless of the reason, if you are feeling squeezed and could use some breathing room, it might be time to move your home.

Your Home Equity Has Risen & You’re Searching for New Opportunities

More equity is generally a good sign. As you pay down a mortgage, finish improving your home with renovations or see the housing market in your neighborhood improve, you are gaining equity. You may be considering cashing in on this equity and moving your home to expand or upgrade your living space.

Your Work Commute is Longer Than You Thought

The pandemic has really made people realize just how much time they spent commuting to and from work. When this is added up over your working career, you would be shocked! According to Statistics Canada, commuters in Toronto average 60 minutes of commuting time per day. That’s 5 hours per week, 20 hours per month and approximately 251 hours per year. If you are adapting to a hybrid workplace, you can expect your commute to decrease, however post pandemic, this time spent commuting may be more valuable to you than ever before.

Moving Your Home For A New Job

During the course of the pandemic, remote work allowed people to search for opportunities outside of their current location. As things start to open up, you may be thinking about hiring home movers to relocate your home to the place of your new job.

Being Close To Friends & Family

Oftentimes an opportunity arises which requires us to move away from friends and family. The pandemic allowed a lot of people to move back home and connect with friends and family again. If your priorities are shifting from a big pay cheque to spending time with your loved ones, it may be time to move back home.

Home Moving With Matco Moving Solutions

If you have decided that now is the time to move your home, Matco Moving Solutions offers a variety of Local, Long Distance and International moving services in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and beyond!

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