Congratulations, you are officially a homeowner! The new home journey can feel overwhelming and like an extremely long process. The good news is that through organization and a solid plan of action, your move in day can be a total success. The following moving guide will ease your mind and simplify the moving process.

Transfer Utilities

Before you can move into your new house and start unpacking, you need to set up your utilities: water, gas and electricity. Depending on where your new home is located, you may not have a say in which company you work with. The sooner you notify utility companies of your move-in date, the better.

Connect Internet & TV

Nothing is worse than moving into your new house and not having wifi or tv set up. Make sure this is all set up prior to your move in day. Do your research on companies in your area and current promotions. Schedule your installation 2-3 weeks before your move-in date to ensure your services can be connected within your schedule.

Update Your Address

Your address is connected to many aspects of your life. From Banking, credit cards, insurance, tax slips, registration notices, it’s important to update your address as soon as possible to ensure nothing important gets missed.

Gather Important Documents

It’s super important to keep all important documents with you during your move. Before the movers arrive, you’ll want to go through your house and collect birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, passports, insurance policies and anything else of that nature.

Take Photos of Valuable Items

Moving your valuables is nerve racking, but if you take the proper precautions you’ll have your mind at ease. Create a valuables inventory and take a photo of each item. This could be anything from your grandmother’s antique table to your computer monitor. By recording these items and taking photos, you’ll have proof of their original condition in the event damage occurs during the move. No matter how careful and responsible your house movers are, accidents can happen so moving insurance is worth looking into.

Research Professional House Movers

Take the time to research a moving company that will provide you with the most value. It’s a good idea to get a few moving quotes to compare. They should all be around the same cost, however if one quote is substantially lower, you should do your research and ask why. Look up the company’s Google reviews and check out if they’re listed on the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) directory.

Take Time Off From Work

Within the first couple days of your move, you’ll want to schedule time off to prepare for the movers and get everything organized. If you booked packing services with the movers, it’s a good idea to complete a walkthrough with the crew to give them instructions on what is moving and what is staying behind. You’ll also want to take a few days off after you move into your new house to unpack and get organized.

Schedule A Cleaning Before The Movers Arrive

Before you move any furniture into your new home, it’s a good idea to clean all the nooks and crannies. Chances are the previous owner didn’t take the time to thoroughly clean it for your arrival (or at least not to your standards), so book a cleaning service a day or two before the movers arrive.

Matco Offers House Mover Services

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