Although the world may feel like it’s frozen in time since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, people and businesses are still moving locally, across Canada and internationally. Any type of move during this time will come with some challenges but can be accomplished through proactive steps to ensure you and your belongings are safe. 

Hiring a Moving Company during COVID-19 

When it comes to hiring a moving company during COVID-19, it is imperative that you ask moving companies whether they have pandemic protocols to keep customers and employees safe during the moving process. Several good indicators to check are:

  1. Are their staff properly equipped with PPE equipment?
  2. Are there continuous employee health checks?
  3. Do they sanitize their equipment?

Virtual Surveys 

Moving surveys are typically completed in the customers home to give the moving company an idea of the size of the move. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted this survey style which has resulted in more Virtual Surveys taking place. The process is completely contactless and is typically app-based where the moving consultant will walk with you through your home and record all the items that need to be moved. 

Moving Boxes & Materials 

Given that the virus has been noted to live on surfaces for multiple days, it’s best to eliminate using used boxes from grocery stores or from other peoples homes. For safety precautions, it’s recommended to use existing boxes from your home or purchase new boxes. Most moving companies sell boxes that you can purchase for various household items with varying sizes. 

Packing your items 

When it comes to packing your items into boxes, it’s a good idea to wipe down any frequently used items. This could include your coffee machine, table lamp or computer. Item’s not frequently used should be fine to be packed as is. It’s also important to only use boxes that can be completely sealed. Oftentimes, people may use banana boxes with holes on the tops and sides from the grocery store. This is not recommended because outside particles can easily enter the inside of the moving box and contaminate your items. For the best protection, use boxes that completely close. 

Cupboards, Doorknobs & frequent contact points 

Prior to your move commencing, it’s a good idea to sanitize places that will be frequently touched. This includes doorknobs, cupboard door handles and light switches. If you are hiring a professional moving company or will have friends and family helping you during the moving process, it is a good idea to sanitize these areas of your current home and to the new home you’re moving into. 

Moving Day 

COVID-19 spreads from person to person, most commonly through respiratory droplets (e.g., generated by coughing, sneezing, laughing, singing, shouting or talking) during close interactions (i.e., within 2 meters). When it comes to your moving day, if you’ve hired a professional moving company with pandemic protocols in place, you can be assured steps have been taken to keep you, your family and your belongings safe. When you resort to using friends and family from different households, the burden of conducting these health checks will be placed on you. Moving is stressful enough, choose a professional moving company to help reduce any additional stress when moving during COVID-19.

It is also important to practice physical distancing on your moving day. Given the continuous movement that happens during the move, also the tight spaces you have to work on, physical distancing can easily be overlooked. It is recommended that you assign people specific tasks, for instance, certain people pack while some move the items to the vehicle. Another simple way for the movers to abide by this protocol is to keep in mind the first person that arrives at a point of intersection moves first.

Wearing PPE during your move 

Moving is difficult, moving with protective equipment makes it even harder to move. Masks are currently recommended when going out in public, but when it comes to moving, this can be challenging. We recommend wearing a mask that doesn’t restrict your breathing. This type of masks may be quite more expensive than your usual N95 masks but certainly is worth the investment given the various types of movements that you exert during the move. Another PPE item recommended during your move is gloves. These can either be plastic disposable gloves or work gloves. Wearing gloves will reduce the cross-contact between people when moving items from the home to the truck and back into the home. In addition to wearing personal protective equipment, gloves with a plastic or silicone lining in the palm of your hand can help you grip boxes and furniture when you are lifting them. 


Unpacking is often the easiest but most overwhelming part of the moving process. If you have used the above precautions during the initial stages of your move, this part should be a breeze. It’s recommended that you sanitize any highly frequented areas in your new home just like you did prior to the start of your move. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently unpack your items without having to sanitize in between the unpacking of boxes. Once you are finished unpacking it’s recommended to either recycle or keep your moving boxes for your next move if you have enough storage space in your new home. 

Enjoy your new home 

After you’ve completed your move make sure you give yourself some time to relax. Moving can be incredibly stressful, especially moving during the coronavirus pandemic. We recommend trying a local restaurant for some takeout and going for a walk in your new neighborhood. Enjoy! 

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