When it comes to moving in Calgary, you have a variety of options to choose from. Movers offer a variety of services from packing, crating, transportation and especially all the heavy lifting of all boxes and furniture. You may also be considering renting a moving truck and doing most of the work yourself. Figure out how much you can afford for your move and how much work you want to do, then choose the option that works best for you.

Moving Yourself

If you choose to move yourself you’ll need to pack your belongings into boxes or totes, load them and large furniture pieces into your own vehicle or a rental truck, and then unload them into your new home. This option might be easier and more cost effective if you own or can borrow a moving truck and are not moving too far. Moving becomes more complicated if you don’t have people to help you or you are moving long distance.


  • You have control over the entire moving process
  • Costs less than hiring movers
  • You can move on your own schedule


  • Requires a lot more work and time
  • Moving supplies, labour and truck rental costs can add up quickly
  • Typically takes a lot longer than hiring movers

“Depending on how valuable your time is, you should consider how much time moving yourself will actually take.”

Costs To Consider When Moving Yourself

You have the potential to save money when you do all the work yourself, but that doesn’t mean the costs will be as low as you think. When deciding whether to move yourself, you should consider the following costs:

Moving Help

It is proper moving etiquette to offer your friends and family who help you move, food and beverages on the day of the move. You might also consider giving them a small thank-you gift, whether that be money, a gift card or a small token of appreciation. If you require extra moving help, most movers in Calgary can provide just labour to assist you.

Truck Rental

Depending on the size of your move, or the items being moved, you may need to rent a moving truck. Prices will vary depending on the size of truck required and the distance you are moving. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of truck rental insurance when getting quotes.


If you’re using your own vehicle or renting a moving truck, remember to account for the cost of fuel. The more trips you take, the more gas you will be consuming.


Depending on how valuable your time is, you should take into consideration how much time moving yourself will actually take. If you’re using your vehicle for moving items, you will be limited with space, so taking several trips can add up. Depending on your schedule and lifestyle, this time may add up quicker than you think.

Hiring Movers

Professional movers in Calgary can handle everything related to your move including packing, disassembling beds and other large furniture pieces, moving items from one location to another, and even unpacking your items at your new home. This option will likely cost the most, but it’s often the least stressful and overall least amount of work for you.


  • Less work and time than moving yourself
  • Movers do all the heavy lifting from point A to B
  • Movers are trained which results in efficiency and typically offer protection plans


  • Your move typically takes place within their timeline
  • Less control over how the move goes
  • More costly than moving yourself

Costs To Consider When Hiring Movers

Using professional movers in Calgary may not be as expensive as you think. It’s always worth your time to do your research on companies and compare estimates for large or long distance moves. When it comes to the costs, make sure to consider these expenses.

Basic Charges

The moving company will always charge you to move your items from your old home to your new home. Most reputable companies base their charges on the weight of your shipment. When it comes to Local Moving, you will typically be charged by the hour.

Moving Insurance

Movers in Calgary are legally required to provide some liability coverage for your belongings, however it usually doesn’t cover the cost of replacing a damaged or lost item. For maximum protection, you’ll need to purchase Replacement Value Protection from your moving company or an insurance company.


It’s a standard practice to tip movers when you receive good service. Usually this is done by tipping each individual on the moving team.

Miscellaneous Charges

Moving companies may charge for a variety of services like using a smaller truck if they cannot get a large tractor trailer into your neighborhood. Make sure you fully understand your moving quote when comparing estimates from different moving companies.

Check out the Canadian Association of Movers Guide to getting moving estimates.

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