Very few moves are as simple as just transporting your items from your current home to your new home. Most moves require lots of preparation, packing, and logistical planning. For many people, storing some or all of their belongings during the moving process is a smart move. In this blog, we will discuss the scenarios in which you may need storage during your move and why choosing a mover who offers moving and storage services may be your best option.

When Do You Need Storage During A Move?

Logistics can become overwhelmingly complex during a move, especially when you’re moving long distance or internationally. Below is a list of scenarios where you may need moving and storage services:

  1. There is a gap between the end of your lease and the start of your new lease.
  2. There is a gap between the possession date of your old home and your new home.
  3. You want to complete renovations or cleaning before you start moving into your home.
  4. You need to move on short notice and do not have a new living situation arranged.
  5. The travel schedule of your shipment doesn’t align with your travel schedule, or you cannot be there when your shipment arrives.

Once you have determined you’ll need to store your belongings during your move, you will need to decide on a storage facility. Many full-service moving companies offer a variety of storage options.

Moving and storage companies typically provide storage in a secure storage facility like a warehouse, which is climate controlled and bonded. Depending on how long you will require storage, some companies may suggest storing your items in a truck or a shipping container to reduce the number of times your shipment is handled.

Benefits of Storing Your Belongings With Your Calgary Moving Company


The greatest advantage of storing your belongings with your moving company is the convenience factor. If you work with separate companies, you must coordinate with both the moving company and the storage facility. A lot more logistics and planning will be reduced on your part.

Lower Overall Cost

If you choose to store your belongings with another storage company, the moving company you hired will only deliver to that location. So when your home is ready to move into, you will need to cover the cost of hiring the moving company again to load everything from your storage unit into a truck and then into your home. If you store with a mover, the handling costs of moving your items into storage are far less than having to hire movers for another move entirely.

Protection Of your Furniture

If you store your belongings with your moving company, all of your furniture that was blanket wrapped at origin will remain wrapped and protected until your items are delivered to your new home. If you store your belongings with a different storage company, the movers will require their furniture blankets back which will leave your furniture items bare and unprotected in your storage unit.

Peace Of Mind

When you hire multiple companies, you have to do your research on each business separately. If you found a trustworthy moving company that offers storage services, you will save the time and hassle of finding a reputable storage company.


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