Choosing a local moving company can be difficult when there are so many options available. Below are some crucial questions to ask local moving companies when researching and obtaining quotes.

  1. Is Your Company Licensed?

Any local moving company in Canada who is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) ensures compliance with federal laws which means your move will be handled by professionals. A long-standing membership with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another indicator of a professional and reliable moving company.

  1. How Long Has Your Local Moving Company Been in Business?

A moving company with a long history does not guarantee high quality service but it does demonstrate a considerable amount of industry experience. Typically, the company has surpassed satisfactory services to stay competitive in the industry for so long.

  1. What Kind Of Coverage Do You Offer?

You must ensure the local moving company is insured and liable for damage. Keep in mind Released Value Protection is automatically applied when you sign the moving contract and only covers $0.60 per lb per item. The moving company should offer you Replacement Value Protection which means the movers will be liable for the replacement value of every damaged or missing item.

  1. Do You Have The Right Equipment?

Ensure the moving company has the right size of moving truck, the appropriate dollies, lifting straps and floor protection.

  1. Do You Have A Warehouse For Storage?

If you are going to be storing your belongings for a certain period of time, you will need to make sure the moving company has a storage facility that is safe and secure. If your local moving company uses third party storage units, request all relevant information and validate it yourself before booking the move.

  1. Can You Show Me Recommendations And References?

Real customer reviews and testimonials are a great indication of a reliable and high-quality moving company. Industry awards are also a good indicator of a professional moving company.

  1. How Do You Charge For A Local Move?

Local moving companies typically charge by the hour and the rate is determined by how many movers and the size of truck you will need. Most companies have a 3-4 hour minimum charge regardless of how long your movers take.

  1. How Long Will The Move Take?

You should ask for an estimate on how long your move will take. Depending on the size of the move and the distance, your move might take multiple days.

  1. How Can I Save On My Local Move?

If you want to save money on your local move, most companies recommend disassembling beds or tables which cuts down on the overall time of the move.

  1. Do You Require A Deposit?

The moving company should not request a deposit that exceeds 50% of the total moving estimate. You should also make sure it is refundable in case something happens and you need to postpone or cancel the move.

  1. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Professional local moving companies accept credit cards and certified cheques. Companies that only accept cash payments are a red flag for a rogue mover.

  1. How Do You Prevent Property Damage?

Reputable moving companies should supply floor runners to protect your floors and furniture pads to wrap your banisters when moving items out of your house.

  1. How Do You Handle Special Items?

Fragile items like antique furniture, heirlooms, glass furniture, artwork, sculptures and musical instruments require extra attention and protection during the moving process. Ask your local moving company how they intend to protect these items. A skillful approach and personal care should be both communicated and demonstrated.

  1. What Happens If Something Gets Broken or is Missing?

The answer you receive should be based on the protection plan you have chosen (Released Value Protection or Replacement Value Protection). A trustworthy local moving company will abide by your protection plan and resolve any dispute in a peaceful and logical manner.

  1. Does The Local Moving Company Have Any Questions For You?

If the local moving company has a desire to complete a successful move, they should have thoughtful and relevant questions for you. A good indicator of a good moving company is that they provide you with expert advice. This might include tips and tricks for how to prepare for your move or to better explain how the process works.

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