Updating Locks When Moving to a New Home

After successfully moving into a new house, most homeowners think about upgrades and remodels to give their home a fresh, new feel. While a fresh coat of paint, new floors, window coverings and even landscaping may take priority, not many tend to think about updating their locks. They somehow fail to realize that they have inherited a potential security risk presented by the use of old keys and locks.

Whether the house is new or old, there is every chance that the previous homeowners made duplicate keys for friends, caregivers, family or even neighbours. The thought that strangers may have access to your house can be very unnerving. In order to ensure that your new home is safe and nobody can access it without your knowledge, you need to update your locks.

Tips for Updating Locks

How you update your locks will depend on the condition of the current locks and the level of security you would like to install. Consider the following tips from a top residential moving company serving Calgary, Edmonton and beyond.

  • Inspect your locks: The first step should be to inspect the current locks in order to ascertain their integrity. This will determine the next course of action.
  • Rekey your locks: If you are satisfied with the condition and style of the lock, and the only cause for alarm is the fear that strangers may have duplicates of your key, consider “rekeying”.
    • This procedure updates the current locks without necessarily replacing them. It involves disassembling the lock cylinder in order to replace the old pins with new ones that match the new key profile. Once the locks are rekeyed, they cannot be opened by the old sets of keys. New generation locks can be rekeyed without employing the services of a locksmith. To find out if you can rekey your locks yourself, you may have to consult the previous homeowner or the locks manual. Otherwise, get a trusted locksmith who will rekey several locks in a matter of minutes.
  • Replace your locks: In the event that you doubt the reliability of your current locks, consider replacing them with new ones. This option is expensive but necessary. Locks these days are easy to install, but if you are having difficulty consult a carpenter or a locksmith.

The need to update your locks cannot be overstated. Replace or rekey your locks as soon as you move to a new home. If a stranger gains access to your home, not only will you lose valuable possessions, but more importantly, you lose your peace of mind. Besides, your home insurance company may be reluctant to compensate you if they discover that entry to your house was not forced but instead using an access key! Those are valid grounds for negligence as a homeowner.

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