The decision to move internationally from Edmonton is hugely exciting– and stressful! This international moving checklist and timeline will give you some important information and dates to consider when planning your international move.

1 Year Before the Move

  • Research and apply for any travel visas or permits you may need.
  • Decide if you will be keeping or selling your house (if you own it).
  • Look into what will need to be done to bring your pets with you.
  • Begin to look into your new city, including what the weather is like, and different areas for you to live in.
  • Start researching international moving companies, and begin to get quotes for your move. If you are moving overseas, it’s likely that your items will be shipped by container ship, and they will take a while to be moved. This is a process you want to start early so that you are not stranded without your things.

6 Months Before the Move

  • Decide exactly where you would like to live and begin the process of buying a home or contacting a rental agency.
  • Pick your international moving company and familiarize yourself with its policies and procedures.
  • Get your family’s medical needs in order, this includes any checkups, vaccines, appointments, or referrals. Create a plan with your family doctor to transfer your medical documents while you are abroad. Find out whether you will need to purchase health insurance.
  • If you will be flying, begin to book plane tickets and start travel arrangements.

3 Months Before the Move

  • Get Your Documents in Order. Make sure that things like passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, insurance policies, academic records, employment records, etc are all easily accessible and not expired.
  • Organize your bank accounts and credit cards. Speak to your financial advisor to decide what to do with any investments and tax implications. Your accountant should also be able to advise you on the tax laws of your new home or refer you to someone who can.
  • Lock down your moving date with your international moving company. Decide whether you will keep some items in storage while you are abroad, and find a storage location (your moving company will often have storage available to make it easier for you).
  • Research schools and childcare in your new community so that your kids can get quickly set up when you arrive.

The Month of the Move

  • If you are moving to a non-English speaking country from Edmonton, it’s important that you get an International Driving Permit while you wait to get a permanent license in that country.
  • Cancel any subscriptions you have and forward all of your mail to your new address. Set up contingency plans with family and friends for any mail that slips through the cracks.
  • Begin packing for your move. Organize as you go and get rid of anything that won’t be useful during your move, or in your new home country (if you’re moving to Spain, you can probably leave your snowboard in storage in Edmonton).
  • Give any loved ones or important contacts your new address.

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