Moving long distance is a big deal and an even bigger process when moving internationally. Lucky for you, many have come before you and done the same thing. This blog from Matco Moving Solutions will outline some key considerations about moving long-distance from Canada to the USA.

Arrange Your Residency or Citizenship

Are you already a dual citizen or will you be travelling on a visa? Are you planning to gain US citizenship, or is this just a temporary move? The differences between a work permit, employment visa, and green card are huge, and often very complicated. These complications only grow if you’re bringing along a family. If your move is being sponsored by an employer, they should be ready to help you sort through these issues. If not, it’s best to reach out to a qualified immigration lawyer who can help you through all the paperwork and nooks and crannies of an international move. This is one area where due diligence is incredibly important, and you do not want your move to be derailed by delayed or even denied paperwork.

Plan Your Move

The first step in planning your move is deciding whether you will handle it yourself (including packing and renting a moving truck), or if you will hire long-distance movers. When hiring long-distance movers, make sure you find a company that aligns with your needs and wants.

Matco Moving Solutions has other blog posts that go into detail about how to pick the best moving company for your move. Check them out!

One important thing to ask potential long-distance movers is if the company is licensed to handle cross-border moves into the USA and if they specialize in these types of moves. With so many factors at play in an international move, you want your items to be handled by the best.

Consider Tax Obligations

The Canadian government can charge a departure tax on many of your assets when you move out of the country. It’s important to meet with a tax advisor to create a plan of how to best handle your assets when you leave Canada. Meeting with a tax specialist will also help you understand the ins and outs of handling income tax while transitioning abroad.

Plan For Your Pet

If you are bringing along a pet, make sure to consider the regulations and rules around bringing animals across national borders. At the very least your pet will need certain vaccinations and a certificate of health, but these requirements can vary from province to province and state to state. If you have a non-furry friend (e.g. lizard or other reptiles), the requirements will again vary, and it’s best to do your own research based on your origin and final destination.

Check All Tour Paperwork

On top of sorting out visas and the like, you will need to ensure you have your passports and other travel documents in order. You will need an HS7 form for every vehicle you import. Other items like health insurance, vehicle insurance and registration, and school registration will need to be handled as well. If you’re moving your permanent mailing address to a US mailing address there will be steps involved there such as mail forwarding and informing any friends and family. If you complete the move yourself you will need an itemized list of all your items including their approximate value.

Basically, for every aspect of your life, there is probably a form to fill out or paperwork to be carried. When planning the move with your moving agent, ask them for help in checking all the boxes. They should also be able to refer you to other professionals such as tax specialists and immigration lawyers who can help you with other parts of your move.

Looking For Help With Your Upcoming Long-Distance Move?

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